All That Glitters

18 January 2017 (by Sabrina Ng)

When we speak of time traveling, the jazz-age of the 1920s seemed to hold a certain amount of glamour and allure that charmed the hearts of the many. Ours included. Among the whisperings and the champagne and the stars, the globe-trotting couple - Andrew & Amanda celebrated their ‘I Do’s’ by strutting merrily in style into their Roaring Twenties Great Gatsby inspired wedding.

“I love her and that’s the beginning and end of everything.” –The Great Gatsby, F. Scot Fitzgerald

Faith has brought Andrew & Amanda together in 1999 through Vacation Bible School, without realizing they appeared in the same picture. Little did they know, faith has brought them further through their college and university years where they first laid eyes on each other back in 2007 where Andrew copied the exact same class schedule as Amanda’s. His first words to her were ‘Nice shoes!’

People changed over the time and this is one of the few precious pairs that get to experience the joy of growing up and getting know each other over the years, knowing that they complete each other like no one else does. It may have not been an easy 9 years but it is definitely one of the most genuine emotions one would get to experience in a lifetime. Hence, the relationship is deeply cherished and attentively nurtured.

Their intimate church wedding ceremony in Lutheran Church was followed by a full-blown extravagant wedding dinner reception in Hotel Istana. Decked with gilded opulence of the Oriental fan damask backdrops, edgy Art Deco geometries and lines crisscrossed and overlaid in the manner that was inspired by Baz Luhrmann’s adaptation of The Great Gatsby film settings, we were all teleported back to the old glamour of the East and West Eggs. Wedding patrons and party flocked into the scene with the ladies sporting their perfectly coiffed and marcel waves complete with dripping diamante fascinators and mother of pearl headpieces and the gentlemen were all suited up, complete with bowties, it was truly a celebration of wonder, love and blessings between the long time couple – Andrew & Amanda.

With her passion towards various richly hues of wine, merlot, crimson and scarlet, Amanda has opted for a color palette of summerberry hues against the black and gold, adding a personal touch to the glamour of Great Gatsby. Twin rows of Viking tables draped with rose gold sequin linen were running along the aisle. The aisle was flanked with gilded candelabras and rich summerberry hues of Peonies, Roses and Ranunculus floral arrangements draping with strings of pearls and exotic Amaranthus & Phalaenopsis cascading off the sides, the arrangements were topped off with lavish white ostrich feathers to portray a contemporary Twenties inspired wedding. Sparkles of sequins and the encrusted diamante on the candelabras seemed to twinkle a little brighter along with the flickering scented candles as the couple strutted along the aisle in motion along with the cheering of the wedding party.

With an Art Deco photobooth backdrop and scrumptiously laid dessert spread, it’s safe to say that the abundance of food lived up to the generous décor! The dessert spread was set in gold and black tones, channeling the ultimate Great Gatsby vibe along with the wedding stationaries. Sparkles of gold trims were added onto champagne flutes, along with Chinese fan cupcake toppers that brings out all the funky and merry vibe. Immaculately crafted praline chocolate stacks were added to bring the entire dessert spread up to another notch.

She who leaves a trail of glitters is not ever forgotten, memories like these definitely lasts a lifetime. Cheers to Andrew & Amanda to the beginning of their new chapter of life!

Venue: Luther Centre/Istana Hotel
Wedding Coordinator & Decorator: Moments
Photography: Nigel Lim