Count Them Blessings

7 October 2016

by Eunice

Aging. A matter of perspective.

There’s no doubt that aging is but only nature’s cycle of what forms the fundamentals of life. Growing old is something we both want yet fear. We all look at aging with fear and impending doom; we associate it with death that comes looming with every passing time, bogged by the realities of deteriorating health that is a complement of age, acknowledging our declining strength and usefulness, mustering courage through the frightening moments of losing friends and having the anxiety of undoubtedly wondering when will your turn be next, bombarded with ever-growing problems that entwines with dwindling income, and everything else that somehow comes along with the process.

I beg to differ. I truly believe that it is all within the state of mind and how you look at it. Rather than considering it a taboo, growing old is a beautiful and graceful natural course of life. Think of it this way; basically if you strip off all societal implications, with every turn of the page and tick of the clock, aging is an accumulation of years and years’ worth of stories, experiences, and knowledge gained.

“If there is anything behind a face, that face improves with age. Lines show distinction and character: they show that one has lived, that one may know something”.

- Karen de Crow

Cynthia recently celebrated her 60th birthday and we were blessed to be given the opportunity to be a part of her gracing another amazing milestone of her life. Turning 60 means that you are 20 years as youthful at heart but with a crazy 40 years’ worth of life’s experience to testify.
And what better is there to celebrate that milestone with those who have been a significant part of those indescribable 60 years of life than your own family and closest of friends.

These pictures may be few, but these words may be quite something to ponder about. As we all continue to walk down this common course called life, savour in all that you can and may, cherish the milestones you’ve reached, be proud of the legends you have created and embrace the process of this gift one day at a time.

Wedding Decorator: Moments
Photography: Jessy Ooi