Danny & Charmaine - Flavorful Giving

17 June 2015
Written by Eunice Chan

“Danny, today, I am giving away the best thing in life that I have to offer."

It isn’t every other day that you get to witness these magical moments, or rather, bask in words so seemingly piercing that touches the very inner core of your heart, and are worth shedding tears for. Those were the words of Mr. Cheah, the man behind Baskin Robbins Malaysia. But on that very day, he was a father to a daughter, once his little princess and now a grown woman full of stature and grace to be given away.

I would like to introduce you to a couple, made so perfect it makes me smile at the very mention of their names; Danny and Charmaine. There’s something special about this gentle duo, where poise, kindness and humility illuminates all around.

Before they tied the knot, Danny and Charmaine have been together a good sweet 11 years and till this very day, you could still catch them looking at each other with that sheer look of pure love that made them fall for each other for the very first time. They began as high school sweethearts and that sweetness lingered till the present day. I’d skip the elaborate introduction, for what really mattered was that very wedding day.

I remembered that morning where the air was filled with a celebration of joy, laughter and buzzing excitement. The morning ceremony was beautifully carried out in the traditional way, which of course, was inclusive of the brutal gate-crashing games, prayers and customary rites. Let the pictures do the talking, as you indulge in the beautiful smiles, familial and friendship bonds and the strong vibe of joy that you can’t help but to paint an unknowing smile to your face.

We all know that the one place we can always turn to, rain or shine, would be family. And for Danny and Charmaine, family mattered the most to them. The siblings looked up to Charmaine, being the eldest in the family, and the love and support shown for her wedding was beautiful, a way in which cannot be described through mere words.

The beautiful couple swapped outfits into a traditional Chinese costume and Charmaine was glowing with radiance in her ‘kwa'.

I think what captivated me the most were the speeches given out that night. It was beautiful, it was pure, and it was soul-penetrating. Mr. Cheah’s moving message for his daughter brought tears to everyone’s eyes that night. For any dad, having to give away his precious daughter at a point in his life would probably be one of the most significant yet most difficult moment.

There are days where you look at wedding pictures and gap at how pretty things look. But then, days like these, are days where you look at these pictures, fall in love with how beautiful relationships can become and your lips curl into a smile.

If only words could truly convey as how my feelings spoke for itself. But then again, words can only do so much justice. Well, at the very least, it gives me joy to be able to share a part of their beautiful journey with you readers.

To Danny and Charmaine.

With much love from Moments.

Dinner Reception: Grand Hyatt Hotel, KL
Wedding Planners: Moments
Photography: Kevin Teh Photography
Videography: Filming Arts
Decorator: Wishing Tree
Music Band: Regal Orchestra