“Marry me…Today & Everyday”

22 May 2015
by Evelyn

There comes a point in every man’s life when he must ask the most important question that will change his life forever. What, When, Where and How will almost always certainly be their biggest hurdle. Recently, we were asked to be present on a very special occasion; Alex’s proposal to Winnie. As usual, us being incurably romantic, we were looking forward to the established day.

He, Alex, is a young high flying lawyer with his own firm whilst she, Winnie, ss his beautiful girlfriend, who was just about to graduate from an Accounting Degree and all ready to fly!

On a Friday night, the couple together with her parents headed to Tamarind Springs Mandi Mandi Restaurant located in Taman TAR, Kuala Lumpur to have dinner in celebration of Winnie’s graduation ceremony the following day. To check out what entails, enjoy the video herein below:-

Right in time for the cameraman, Alex kneeled down before Winnie...and her face was indescribable! You should have seen her face! I don’t know what she felt that point in time, but surely it was something unexpected: the look of surprise was easy to read in every little expression of her face. No words could express such joy.

What Alex did sweeter was to fly in his parents and sister all the way from Sarawak to join them for an evening of fun, conversation and merriment.

Indeed there’s no greater joy than being a witness and a part of a love that’s blooming and growing. You can’t blame us when we say that being an event planner is amongst the world’s “Bestest” job! We could not ask for more ☺

Venue: Mandi-mandi, Tamarind Spring
Photography: Chun Chow
Videography: Alex Chan
Decorators: Moments