The Hungry Caterpillar

24 April 2015

A year with a child, is truly a milestone and life changing experience. Thus, it calls for a happy celebration! Dariel turned one and we crafted up a strom inspired from an all time classic book theme by Eric Carle “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”! The book lends itself really well to being adapted for a first birthday party, because it includes a lot of food, and simple shapes and colors!

The party was styled in a manner that The Hungry Caterpillar was busy eating at a vibrant pop up little market place filled with fresh fruits, sweets and cookies. The entire marketplace was deliciously packed with chocolate bars that were on the verged of being gobbled down by the caterpillar, refreshing citrus orange juice to quench the thirsty toddlers, cupcakes topped with sweet apples and a whole of goodies such as gummy bears, strawberry chewy sticks, rainbow lollipops and much more.

Bright happy paper flowers were customized as part of the backdrop and we placed mushrooms here there and everywhere!

Children could pop by and pick up anything they like! Literally anything they wanted! The best part was, at these parties, their parent’s let’em. Nobody say no!

The birthday cake was lovely and crafted to perfection.

The toddlers went shopping for the sweet and savory desserts!

As for Baby Dariel, he picked the healthier alternative! He wanted to gobble down the basket full of apples!

Dariel’s 1st Birthday was truly memorable and good fun!

Here’s wishing that his life ahead is filled with blessing, lots of sunshine and beautiful colors to brighten up his life!

Theme: The hungry caterpillar
Photography: BY Photography
Decorators: Moments