The Pursuit of Happiness

9 April 2016
by Eunice

The story of Jeffrey and Suzen tells of two people who have known each other for umpteen years, thirteen years of courtship, two words of “I Do” and a lifetime of encapsulated love together.

Take a look at them. I’ve brought myself to believe that relationships grow betterwhen surrounded by a bunch of trustworthy, selfless and reliable circle of family and friends who will always be there to weather the storm together, share the tears, and celebrate the joy and everything else in between.

This wedding was beautifully intimate, delicately designed and tastefully made perfect. It is always easy to fall in love, but the difficult part of staying in love even through the darkest of days just proves that their love has withstood the test of time. And that is why, we call for a celebration. So much grace, elegance, strength and gratitude that overflowed in this wedding, let alone the pictures that bursts of it. And the greatest shown above all, love.

Suzen was such a joy to work with. She has an eye for aesthetics and mismatched pieces. One highlight I cannot not highlight is the fact how the pieces of mismatched jigsaw puzzles of this wedding pieced up to make one insanely artistic frame, and I’m talking about the deco in specific. Simplicity was at its best. From a minimalist geometric touch of wedding stationaries, to succulent favours that reflect how ‘All things grow with love’, to the cascading lush bridal bouquet and untamed posies of greens, veronicas and all things pretty, this was literally perfection for a wild hearts. Not forgetting the painstaking handmade backdrop of paper flowers that took two whole months to be completed.

A big shoutout to @hellojanelee for capturing these priceless moments and making everything within the four-sided frames of the camera look stunning and a notch of class higher. Nothing beats a talented photographer who replicates our sentiments of this beautiful day! Good pictures are like a secret stash of candy after Santa has left.

On a side note too, thank you to The Wedding Scoop for featuring us and this wonderful wedding! Here the link guys:

Thank you for making this beautiful memory for us to remember.
To, Jeffrey and Suzen.

ROM Ceremony & Dinner Reception : Senja & Charcoal, Saujana Hotel
Wedding Coordinator & Decorator: Moments
Photography: Jane Lee
Cake Topper: Cuts Studio
Calligraphy: Inks and letters