Joy that Never Fades

Having decided to get married is no small feat you undertake! It is a day you decide to stand by your partner forever and for always. You promise. And when you entrust us at Moments to journey with you, we are so glad we call it our Job!

Many perceive wedding planning as an easy role. We have had young interns writing in to us with all the passion in the world to promote happiness like they see in the movies; it is their ‘Dream’. However, behind the scenes, it is way more than confetti and tulle. When asked to specify what exactly we do, no one particular size fits it all.

We aim to be your constant: Assisting to unleash your inner vision, managing your expectations and always taking into account all aspects of your big day. Vendors, setups, suppliers, after parties, cleanups and everything in between. We juggle all the time! And to be good at it, we need to always find that balance.

We are never exactly unavailable no matter what the circumstances. Almost no weekends, no total holidays and at times, not much sleep. Just like you, we worry! We worry if it might rain (we draw turtles and plant chili), if new vendors show up on time (we keep calling them though they say they are at the car park) and we spend much time praying ‘The Day’ is going to be a Good Day for everyone involved (Amen!). Everywhere we go, we cling tight to our survival kit which seems to get bigger and heavier because we always think of an extra something that might come in handy. (Latest addition: toothpicks!) We bug the world! The banquet team, the vendors, the sound and light crew, the decorators and we don’t leave until the day comes to an end.

While there are a handful of details that we need to adhere and pay attention to, we still love what we do for many reasons. The more we embark on journeys, the more we stand to gain purpose, find meaning and realize happiness – the important things that we always search for but are hard to find.

Working together with good vendors means a lot as we weather through good times, tough times and nail-biting moments. It has been wonderful and good fun as we tap on each other’s strength to realize what matters most for couples. We have grown so close that we now have such strong bonds and have become good friends! This truly keeps us going.

As planners, we are also privileged to bear witness to the strength of love and hope. It is truly heartwarming to hear beautiful vows, to witness that walk down the aisle, filial piety during tea ceremony, family bonds and most of all true joy in the couple as they enjoy their big day! And when it is all said and done, we are so glad that we played a part in their union and we can now call them, their family and their friends: OUR friends. 

It is these moments that matter most and we wouldn’t trade it for the world. For as long as we share the same passion, we will continue to do what we do, the best we can.

As we usher in the New Year, we look forward to the new journeys that we will embark on and we wish from our hearts that your days be Rich in Happiness always and we look forward to many opportunities to form lasting friendships filled with Joy that Never Fades.

百年好合, 恭喜發財
bǎi nián hǎo hé , gōng xǐ fā cái


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