Tantalized Taste Buds

I must admit. I love eating. And that’s simply because, I’m Malaysian. To put things in a more subtle and perhaps a more polite manner, let’s just say people like us have learnt to appreciate the finer things in life. Anyways, the reason why I’ve brought this up was due to the fact that, weddings today have no longer taken the traditional course. It has stepped up a notch, throwing away traditional wedding cakes for a table-spread of bite-sized canapés to a wide array of delectable eye candies customised as per the wedding theme.

Should I have one for my Very Own Wedding?

In my humble opinion, dessert bars are almost necessary. It adds to the sweetness of the evening ambience and make a great activity for filling up the buffer time as guests mingle around while waiting for the reception to begin. Having something light to munch while chit-chatting is everyone’s favourite hobby. Truly a Malaysian delight!

Also be mindful that dessert bars don’t have to be expensive, sometimes the simplest of snacks simply plated up and dusted with a little personalized touch is good to go. A simple donut tower, a jar of marshmallows, a bag of caramel popcorn or perhaps a basket of muffins does the trick and are simply a crowd-pleaser.

There are many kinds of dessert bars and the possibilities are endless. To start with, always conceptualise your “Bar” by a certain colour palette or theme or say a certain flavour or a treat that reminds them of a family/childhood memory.

The Sweet and Classic

For classic themed weddings or weddings with pastel hues, this dessert display is the perfect fit. Macaroons, fondant cupcakes, chocolate bars, meringue kisses, marshmallows, blush tone flower posies and strings of classic pearls makes a classic display that will beckon your guests to a pretty table that tastes as good as it looks. This particular blush pink and ivory themed dessert bar for Ashley and Gary could perhaps do the talking.

Savoury Bar

More than often, there’s a balance between the population of sweet teeth and those who crave for a salty touch. Sometimes, it’s nice to mix and match some savoury snacks and light soda or refreshers to jazz up the mood. A rustic setting flanked by wooden elements and a neutral colour palette goes well with a savoury bar.  Think of brown bags of nachos with homemade dips, salted caramel popcorn, tuna cream puffs, cheese tarts and a trail of mixed nuts. Complete the area with some fresh ivy leaves and perhaps a hand-drawn welcome signage on a wooden plank and the guests will be left munching happily away. Check out Calvin and Yiling’s yummy spread of savoury snacks!

Reminiscing Old Times

I think it’s pretty cute to have a dessert bar that allows the older ones to take a walk down memory lane with some old school snacks that were part of their childhood. Everyone has had a particular snack or treat that was prominent during primary school. Think Tora, prawn crackers, Chinese lemon drops, Rabbit peanut candy, orange-packed Mimi, Mamee Monster, Hawflakes and tangerine peel. These were some of the things we grew up with. Back then, they were sold at sundry shops or even the ‘roti man’ that comes in his infamous snack and bread-loaded motorcycle.

Check out our ‘kedai runcit’; inspired by all the above elements. Feast your eyes, folks and take a walk down memory lane. This was one heck of a dessert bar that was wiped clean within minutes and got people raving for more.

I guess it all boils down to what you are looking for. The sky is your limit and you should let your imagination run wild. Dessert bars can be done extravagantly and over the top, or it could simply be even a spread of everyday snacks, but at the end of the day, it is the personal touch to it that makes it worth the story told and worth hanging around a little longer for nibbles and meaningful talks.

So what’s your preference? ☺

Photos by Stories, Arthur Hew Photography
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