A Covenant

by Eunice

“I welcome you in
With the respect you are due
And listen to you
Without judgement or critique
I hear your concerns
And strive to understand them
I share my concerns
With honesty and respect
Acting together
We will find the solutions
To face the future
With unobstructed conviction
And unconditional love”

- Covenant, David Alexander Walker

As she graced down the aisle, Lukas locked eyes on his bride through the wispy veil that gently flowed, echoing the silhouette of her beautiful face, whole and radiant that shone through the majestic halls and Anglican walls of the steadfast one-hundred-and-twenty-one year old cathedral.

It was one of those weddings that you tend to think twice if you were actually on home ground or 6502 miles away in Britain, running your hands along the early English gothic architecture and wooden pews of an extremely picturesque country church; basically the epitome of a traditional English wedding.

The beautiful whitewashed structure of the old building definitely was a marvel to look at at all angles and complemented the romantic, rustic décor perfectly, like a match made in heaven. The gorgeous bouquet of coral-hued Juliet roses brought out the beauty of Serene’s to-die-for smile and the sweetest personality you could possibly find in an all-rounder like her. The rustic arch held together by marbled buttresses were dressed in cascading ivy leaves which emitted a beautiful undertone to the overall theme; and the sanctuary blooming with a wild mix of countryside posies tied to the corner of each pew which brought out the Episcopal and baroque element from the sea of tessellated tiles across the hall.

Beneath the rustic walls and magnificent splendour of St. Mary’s Cathedral in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, this absolutely adorable pair of lawyers shared a sacred covenant and made a promise to one another before the eyes of their Father. A covenant that surpasses a mere contract. A covenant that speaks of a faithful relationship, for both spouses to be accountable to one another, to be rooted in actions based on conscious choices instead of feelings and to always promise on nurturing and keeping this covenant whole.

To Lukas and Serene.

Wedding Planning & Coordination: Moments
Décor: Moments
Photographer: MunKeat Photography
Videographer: Neptune Studio