And We Dance

22 October 2016

by Eunice

Love doesn’t necessarily happen in cliché ways, by some strike of sheer luck, or a magical moment of making eye-contact and you’ve found “the one”. Love can simply mean not having any expectations, being yourself on the road of self-discovery and self-love, signing up for charity, stumbling across someone else who made that same decision like you, who happens to be the opposite sex of course, covered in sweat and mud in some place in Siem Reap, but clothed in utmost beauty in the depths of the heart.

That, is how Kenny met Grace.

Just staring at Jane the Crazy’s insane pictures of their wedding reception inspired me to pen this story down so that all will come to know about the love that they share. I vow to encapsulate this beautiful story so it can be relived over and over again, so here I am, trying to describe it the best I can with the little that I have.

There’s just something about Kenny and Grace that depicts love at its simpliest form; pure and true. I’ve never met anyone like them before that reflects my sentiments in every way possible. It was never a dull moment watching their antics when they are together and the love between them is truly contagious. I love watching her smile widely and laugh ever so carelessly at every word Kenny utters. As for this man, he adores her. There’s this longing and love in his eyes at the glimpse of her face that is too beautiful beyond description.

They are both insanely aesthetic (like nuts!). Most of the beautiful, solid rustic pieces of wood work at this wedding was made out of Kenny’s passion for craftsmanship and carpentry. That’s not even his career, that’s his HOBBY. Read my lips. We’re living in like the 20th century where things come by spoon-fed and we might as well just be relatives with sloths, and here you have it, a rare gene trotting by who puts his heart and soul into creating something out of passion in the name of love. As for Grace, she is probably a mirror reflection of him; equiped with artsy brains and a great flair for design.

There’s a spam of décor pictures at the bottom, because it would be a blasphemy if there wasn’t a display of the crazy things they both DIY-ed together.

I have always stood firm in my belief that love is a conscious effort, the blatant truth yet a beautiful course in building a stronger relationship and marriage. I guess you could say that the fundamentals of a conscious effort requires an endless flow of trust, honesty, mutual respect, remembering the reason to first love, to give and receive and to be willing to sacrifice. And frankly, vows in a marriage metaphorically defines a conscious effort of love, a declaration of promises to keep and act upon for the rest of the lifetime.

As for the both of them, their vows were enough to make us fork out packets of tissues and till this very day, it remains our favourite verses of promises. Captured alongside everything else that retells of that beautiful day, pause, take a few minutes, press play and savour the goodness your sight beholds.

You steady me, slow and sweet, take the lead and I will follow.

And we dance.

Wedding Coordinator & Decorator: Moments
Photography: hellojanelee
Videography: Motion In Style