Coast to Coast

by Eunice

To hold you in my arms
To promise you my love
To tell you from my heart
You're all I'm thinking of

So I say a little prayer
And hope my dreams will take me there
Where the skies are blue
To see you once again, my love
Over seas from coast to coast
To find the place I love the most
Where the fields are green
To see you once again

- My Love, Westlife

There is a time and season to everything, and it comes with grit, determination and a lot of grace. And the right time will always prevail with good favour and abundance in blessings to harvest because God is good, and because the season is ripe.

For the best things installed are yet to come.

That evening as we stood hopeful and in anticipation, we watched the clouds roll in and as the sky menacingly transitioned into a much unwanted grey hue, it poured. Hovering beneath the beautiful Balinese-inspired shelters overlooking the majestic and manicured landscapes of the golf course and exquisite koi ponds, there were smiles and laughters that pierced through the quiet and monotonous trickles of the evening rain.

And that was the kind of people, Jason and Shaminy were.

The sunshine through the rain, high-spirited and always captivating us with their cheerful yet placid demeanor even in times of distress. Extremely down-to-earth and fun to be around with, Jason and Shaminy are like two peas in a pod that are perpetually cool about almost everything, which makes them just about the most amazing people to hang out with and work alongside, generous, giving, and carefree. And most importantly, trusting.

Love is a wonderful expression of every kind of feeling in this world that is somewhere between magical and a miracle. And witnessing that overwhelming emotions flood the hallways, the gardens and the bursting suites of family and closest of friends taught us what truly mattered in a wedding, putting aside our hats as wedding planners and running the role of having everything be perfect for the day. Looking through the lens of newfound friends to Jason and Sharminy, we explored a learning journey where the depth of love and the simplicity of the message of this very wedding day mattered manifolds more than a mere buffet of lavish d├ęcor, unnecessary expectations and extravagant costs of putting on a show.

It was an intimate, cosy yet deep celebration of two people in love. Two people who hail from two ends of the earth across oceans to find each other, two people who had totally divergent upbringing, practices and traditions and put aside their dfferences in the name of love.

As Shaminy picked up the train of her intricate and delicate sweetheart-laced gown, she took a deep breath and graced the aisle towards her soulmate as Jason clutched his arms, barely containing his eager excitement to see his bride in white for the first time. As they exchanged their first looks of the day, the emotions that welled up in their eyes was just astounding and overcoming. And there it hit us right again to the core our purpose of why we do what we do and present that very day.

And as the clouds parted and a speck of evening ray gleamed through the silver linings, we heard the birds chirping an unchained melody to the billowing wind of love and a fresh new beginning. The trees looked somewhat greener than before, the beautiful marsala blooms and blush fleur perched endearingly on the draped arch and everything seemed to fit the bill of the perfect garden matrimony.

Needless to say, the night danced on with much gusto and joy, filled with a plethora of cultures and friends from far and near, a fusion of Indian traditions, Chinese humour and American dreams.

To Jason and Shaminy, three cheers to love.

Wedding Planning & Coordination: Moments
Decor: Time Machine Event
Photography: Arch & Vow
Makeup Artist: Agnes Yip