Cultural Amalgamation

by Evelyn 

Cultural Amalgamation: the beautiful term to describe the blending of more than one culture.
This notion rang true at the reception of Rohit & Amabel.

Rohit is from India and he now resides in Malaysia while Amabel is a Malaysian Chinese. Infusing their unique heritages, his Indian and her Chinese, into their celebrations, it resulted in a colourful and intimate celebration; a magical day shared with their closest family and friends.

Coming from two countries with very intricate and elaborate wedding traditions, indeed it was a massive bag of culture! Imagine if both families went the “Full Monty” and incorporated all the practices from their respective cultures – the wedding would have lasted ten days! That was probably why they came to a consensus and hosted an intimate series of ceremonies on the private beach of Mandurah Hotel, Kuantan.

Rohit and Amabel donned their traditional Chinese and Indian costumes to honour both their backgrounds and families as well as to symbolize their acceptance of one another and the merging of two cultures.

And as we watched them hold hands, gaze lovingly at one another and walk down the stretch of sand while a warm breeze stirred the air and the golden sun casted a warm glow from the heavens, we are reminded that love conquers all barriers and borders. We may not speak the same languages or belong to the same race but love conquers all.

With sandy toes and salty kisses, they became Mr & Mrs! Congratulations, Rohit and Amabel! - #HittheweddingBel

Wedding Planning and Coordination: Moments
Photography: Shuttering Hearts (Iyao)