Double Happiness

by Avery Khuan

Gone are the days of weddings filled with lush arrangements and overflowing florals; the modern Pinterest wedding is a Bohemian paradise with soft beige and brown tones, dried florals and an air of nonchalant elegance. We see more and more couples embracing this carefree ideal, bringing a new era of wedding norms. However, despite the Pinterest charm, the Chinese tea ceremony remains a tradition infused with vibrant shades of red, blessing the married couple with luck, prosperity and happiness. 

Les is your ideal modern bride, filled with unique and dreamy ideas of what she would want her wedding to look like, happily embracing never before explored structures and designs. However, as they had to scale down their wedding due to the pandemic, we had to explore alternative ways to bring her love of modern aesthetics to life.

Ek Ming and Les flirted with the fine line between modernity and tradition by blending the traditional Chinese red with muted tones of dusky shades of orange, florals of the palest pink and dusty cappuccino roses. While the bouquet and boutonnieres had a bit more of the modern Pinterest touch, for the tea ceremony decor, they kept the colours mostly traditional and dressed up the numerous lush arrangements with Chinese lanterns and fans as well as the standout “double happiness” cut out. 

And, just like how the double happiness or “Hei” symbolises the joy, luck and happiness of two people, two families in matrimony, Ek Ming and Les’ wedding decorations seamlessly formed a harmonious blend of modernity in a traditional space for the best of both worlds.

Venue: Own Residence
Planning & Coordination: Moments
Photography: Mun Keat
Videography: JC Studio Films
Decor: I Heart Party