by Eunice

“Cling to me like ivy 
Entrap me with your vines
Wrap tendrils around me 
Weave your words with mine

Cling to me like ivy
Linger in my boughs
My branches will embrace you
My senses to arouse

Cling to me like ivy
Meander through my mind 
Fascination everlasting
Forever souls entwined

Cling to me like ivy
Together we can grow 
Sublime in our purpose 
Majestic in the hedgerow”

- ‘Evergreen’, Pixievic.

In the heart of the unending hustling of the city, shadowed by towers of climbing scrapers, deafened by the honks of buzzing motors and the streets crawling with throngs of daily survivors, Nicola and Yihaur founded their little nest of solitude and joy in an intimate celebration of love within the walls of the zen-inspired Neo Tamarind; a quaint fine space tucked above the hills of the bustle.

Nicola glidded into the room with sass, her burgundy lips curled into a smile as the lace that clung to her petite figure drapped across the wooden floor, making heads turn to greet the gorgeous lass with big smiles and heightened spirits. The most easy-going and ever-understanding bride would be an understatement to begin with, but one can definitely agree that she has a big heart always ready to give. And probably that attracted Yihaur who undoubtedly is the perfect matchmade in heaven.

Meticulous but crazily fun, the couple chose to indulge their indelible dinner within an indoor forest of gleaming fairy lights, flamboyant monstera leafs and striking fushcia king proteas; a cosy and chill-out setting that reflected the free and spontaneous spirits they both carry.

 Amidst the finely curated eats, bottled posies of wild blossoms and dim shimmer of the geometric bulbs; lies the loudest of satisfied clatters, joyous of laughters and happiest of exchanged conversations over classic glasses of Glenfiddich. Ultimately, a gathering of a clutter of people cherished most; family, closest friends and beloved ones.

As we get drunk in a love so evergreen, let us raise our glasses in a toast.

To Nicola and Yihaur.

Wedding Planning & Décor: Moments
Photography: Jane Lee
Venue: Neo Tamarind, Kuala Lumpur