Flavours of Love

By Avery

"There is no more lovely, friendly, and charming relationship, communion or company than a good marriage."
– Martin Luther King

Salty soy sauce, sour lemon juice, a bite of hot chilli and a splash of whiskey; that sounds like the ingredients for a very strange cocktail! Now, imagine being forced to chow down one at a time, the infamous Korean fire noodles, marshmallow fluff, a pot full of whiskey and multiple lemon wedges with a bunch of girls screaming at you and asking for "angpaus". All the while, you're negotiating against finishing every last drop of the torturous foods.

The "ji muis" (sisters) love it, the "heng tais" (brothers) dread it: gate-crashing games. Both an age old tradition and a Malaysian fan favourite at weddings, in the olden days, the games were supposedly a test of the groom’s patience as he goes to fetch his bride. Conducted by the ji muis who consist of the bride's female friends and relatives, it is a show of reluctance in giving away the bride because they will miss her.

Like at the wedding of Nicole and Min Yong, he had to pay a toll in the form of angpaus, chow down on the "flavours of life", engage in some creative yoga posing, play charades and engage in more physical activity (cue the push ups and wall sits!), before he could even pick up Nicole. 

But, it all comes down to the final act! Where before the hengtais took on the challenges for him, the last hurdle is one only he can bear. Be it singing cheesy love songs to the bride in a language you can't understand or declaring your husbandly promises to the world, it is Min Yong's time to shine!

Like the challenges Min Yong and countless other grooms have to face in the gate-crashing games, marriages are made up of many flavours in life. There are hardships and times where you have to lift each other up in mutual support, and there are times when you will burst into spontaneous song and laughter. Most importantly, you have each other; of course, you'll have to pick up your bride first!

Venue: Majestic Hotel, Kuala Lumpur
Wedding Planning and Coordination: Moments
Photography : Dennis Yap Photography
Videography: I-Studio
Décor : Marble & Co