Gin the Mood for Love

By Avery Khuan
I'm in the mood for love
     Simply because you're near me.
          Funny, but when you're near me
                I'm in the mood for love.

When Wong Kar-Wai listened to Frances Langford’s I’m in the Mood for Love, he decided to title his famed film after the song. But unlike his ill-fated lovers, Ernest and Tiffanie were smitten at first sight! It was first across a bar when Tiffanie locked eyes with Ernest and raised her glass in a toast, a move so bold and daring that it launched the rest of their lives together.

Having already held a Western-styled wedding in Australia, Ernest and Tiffanie’s KL wedding was to be a modern oriental occasion. Moody shades of red created a warm atmosphere tinged with hints of nostalgia beginning with an arch draped in red with Chinese lanterns and ending at the piece de resistance: a pop-up bar complete with a neon double happiness and the couple’s favourite drink of choice on the walls⁠—gin. 

And with their wedding being held on Chap Goh Mei, the last day of Chinese New Year, Ernest and Tiffanie even held their own spin on an orange-tossing ceremony: with some orange trees and a basket for single hopefuls to leave their phone numbers in. For wedding favours, Ernest and Tiffanie had a pair of chopsticks for their guests, engraved with their wedding date. Although we offered to help them tie and package the chopsticks, they insisted on doing it themselves. 

Because that’s the kind of considerate that Ernest and Tiffanie are; not just to us wedding planners but also to their guests and the people around them. And most importantly, to each other! Ernest and Tiffanie made an effort to interact with their guests, both friends and family, and in each smile and laugh, they are genuine and warm. 

To cap off the night, Ernest and Tiffanie celebrated in true gin-lover style. Drinks flowed freely, music and dancing turned up to eleven and the drinking games commenced! In keeping with the wedding theme, the after party also had a touch of the oriental from beautifully decorated drink stations to a “tikam board” that their guests could try their luck at to win prizes from adorable stuffed toys to bottles of champagne with the grand prize being a night’s stay at the Majestic Hotel, KL. 

For Ernest and Tiffanie, there was no shortage of love all round, making their wedding a warm and joyous moment to remember you can even feel through the photos.

Heaven is in your eyes
     Bright as the stars we're under
          Oh! Is it any wonder
               I'm in the mood for love?
Venue: Majestic Hotel, KL
Planning & Coordination: Moments
Photography: Louis Gan
Décor: Spring Cottage
After Party Décor: Hooray Decor
Makeup Artist: Panny C