26 AUGUST 2017
by Eunice

“Eleven years. Wow, that’s a really long time. ”

I remember speaking my thoughts out loud, with an approving nod from someone standing next to me, as we stood there in silent amazement, watching Ben and April smile into each other’s eyes across the room from where we were standing.

Sometimes life hits us with different waves of priorities, learning curves, realisations and the truth. Out of the countless stories you hear, some work out and some don’t. And everyone has something to say about everything and anything. Some say that with the right amount of patience and not being too picky, you’d definitely go a long way with your other half. Others say courting for two years is just right, and then to spend the rest of your marriage getting to know your other half and growing together.

With relationships being a profound subject of discussion, one thing we can agree on that remains is choice. There isn’t any right or wrong about it, but rather it’s about constantly trying to improve yourself to be the best version of yourselves for your significant other.

We’re blessed to be able to have a take home lesson from Ben and April’s testimony of love, having weathered through the many changing seasons in the past eleven years. What made that entire difference was having their amazing parents as their sole pillars of strength, a supportive band of virtuoso siblings (who happen to be extreme music prodigies), and a clan of fun loving friends who’d go the extra mile any day for these two lovebirds.

Humbled by the act of love by washing each other’s feet as a symbolic choice they made, it reminded us once again how simply it should always be; to hope, have faith and to love abundantly exceedingly above any other.

Wedding Coordinator & Decorator: Moments
Photography: Iyao (Shuttering Hearts)

Dessert Bar: Pretty Little Things