by Evelyn Ng

There is no rainbow without the rain; the pandemic has truly taught us so. It seemed to us at Moments as though we had weathered through a huge storm over the last two years. Nevertheless, we have become stronger and more resilient through such times.

More importantly, we are so glad things are improving and a rainbow is truly in sight now that we can journey with you in your upcoming celebrations!

The recent reception of Chyi & Tuscany was such a reminder of why we love being a part of such unions. We planned so intimately that we managed to create many intentional moments – from the décor, to the entertainment and to the style preference. At the core of a small wedding is the essence of why you’re getting married in the first place: your desire to celebrate your love with the people that mean the most to you. Every detail and every moment was elevated and extra special as we held it at HOME where Chyi grew up with wonderful memories.

HOME was transformed, with the help of Wishing Tree, into a romantic backdrop using yellow to enhance the natural beauty of the space. Together with the couple, we planned by great faith and literally pulled out all the stops for every decision that came along. We went with the flow, prayed and things fell perfectly into place.

We’re so glad we crossed paths with the both of you.

Chyi, you have indeed found the one who makes your heart and soul happy. We see the way you light up when you are around her, the way you smile when she is mentioned and how excited you are when you talk about your future together.

As for you, Tuscany, it was no doubt that you were such a beautiful, beautiful bride (despite you asking numerous times if you looked okay and if it was going to rain anytime soon). But, more importantly, it was your sweet spirit that surrounded you from within that truly reflects a radiant glow.

We truly have no doubt that the next journey life has for you two, together, will be nothing less than an amazing adventure. One journey, one purpose, one marriage with Christ in the centre of your lives. Together you will conquer mountains and get through valleys.

This indeed truly is our HOME.

Planning & Coordination: Moments 
Photography: Adam Ong 
Videography: Ken Chan Production
Décor: Wishing Tree 
Emcee: Matt Ong
Stationary: Thistle Cards & Truffypi
Gown: Adrian Gan