It Takes Two

by Avery Khuan
“If you look for it, I've got a sneaky feeling you'll find that love actually is all around.”
- Hugh Grant, Love, Actually

Pure, opulent and luxurious, white is the traditional colour of a bride and the colour of new beginnings. It is clean, crisp and lends a classic air to any wedding, be it a simple get-together with your loved ones, or a lavish party that lasts through the night. While many people assume that white is a singular and unbending shade, like the stars in the sky and the grains of sand on a beach, white is dynamic and diverse. It finds itself in shades of cream, ivory, eggshell and vanilla. It strikes a balance between serenity and playful.

While many Chinese couples may shy away from the pure shade because of its representation in Chinese culture, Lydia and Jonas eschewed the norm and the result was a beautiful sight to behold. From their registration of marriage ceremony to the beautifully decorated ballroom, shades of white took centre stage with mirror and gold elements that reflected the colour perfectly, making the whole ensemble gleam with a breath of fresh air and lightness. It was the perfect canvas on which to paint the colours of the life Lydia and Jonas would build together.

As the saying goes, it takes two people working together to make a marriage last. Lydia sees perfection in every detail, her focus is laser sharp and she never misses a beat while Jonas is laid back and calm, taking the challenges of life one at a time. Where there is yin, there is yang and where there is white, there is black. Marriage is a harmony of these two colours; you need both black and white for colour to shine through. And, Lydia puts it most succinctly in her vows, “Only through the darkness, can we appreciate the stars.”

And by capping their night in a shower of sparks, it was the perfect comparison. 

Venue: Four Season KL
Planning and Coordination: Moments
Décor: Wishing Tree
Photography:  Adam Ong
Cinematography:  JC Studios
Makeup Artist:  Remy (Mimi Makeup by Remy Ngan)