Love of a Lifetime

by Eunice

“Here I am watching the world
slowly passes by
Reaching for emotions
Reminding me of U and I

We made our promises
We meant to keep them close
As long as you're here to love me
I knew the day I left
It wouldn't be the same
And now I know there's a reason

You're my love of a lifetime
We make mistakes, our heart may break
But this is true
You're my love of a lifetime
We'll see it through
I'd be a fool to let you go
And in time I'll find my way back home to you…”

- Love of a Lifetime, Jenn Chia

“Damn, it’s been eight years already? That’s pretty long.”

We all paused for a bit at that simple statement, mulling over our own thoughts as we watched them both smile, nodding yesses. Some couples might have been together even longer, but regardless of the number of years, having been committed to your partner for a significant period of time is no small feat. Me thinks it’s a crazy milestone achieved for sure. Whilst many might brush off the idea that it’s pretty common for some ‘luckier couples’ to be able to stay together that long, but have we actually truly thought about how much does it take to keep a relationship that long?

What does it take to keep a genuine smile in those Instagram posts you swoon over and how do you walk the talk of #relationshipgoals we superficially label? No relationship is a stroll in the park, but when you truly set your heart and mind into giving everything and the very best you’ve got, you’ll be able to really enjoy the labour of love that would last for a lifetime; one that Joel and Cindel certainly did.

As friends gathered round for the final round of rehearsals and family members pop a visit to help tie loose ends before the couple officially tie the knot the next morning, the atmosphere in Trinity was filled with a wonderful sense of calm assurance; there was a certain sureness and overwhelming peace that gently swept over the sanctuary, where everyone knew exactly what they were doing, the old and young exchanging conversations and strangers that became friends overnight over shared stories and lame jokes that kept the crowd simply carefree, chill and happy.

Strangely enough, there was no fussing, disagreements or last-minute surprises like most weddings would have. And all the more speaking of abnormality, Joel and Cindel themselves were the most laidback out of all present, laughing their heads off like two high school lovers and fooling about, already scheduling Saturdate rock climbing plans with everyone else as though there was no ceremony to be talked about the next day.

Having braved through the many seasons of life together from the shores of Jeremiah School to the long-distance tertiary days and building careers in this existential adulthood crisis we all waddle in together, the couple have had their equal portion of joy and tears and peaks and troughs. Seeing each other through the roughest patches, flaws, imperfections to accept each other wholly as they are and making it till present day, it would be an understatement for guests who graced Joel and Cindel's matrimony to describe how simply beautiful it was to witness their long-awaited union.

As we revert back to that very rhetoric in the beginning on what it would take to keep a relationship together for a signicant number of years, the couple's replies to what they valued and loved most in their relationship definitely sent out a simply thought-provoking reminder that communication is key and respecting values of honesty as well as being transparent with each other is something they both cherish very much in holding a strong fort together.

Keeping a reminder of why they love each other for one simple reason and being able to have the answer to that immediately without hesitation is definitely worth looking up to as this pair of lovebirds quipped, 
"Him wanting to always do better" and "She understands me".  

As simple, as pure as that. 

The sweet little tinkerbell had always been a down-to-earth and outgoing one, with a huge heart (completely outweighing her physical frame) for everyone around her and was definitely a princess who loved all things pretty and pink. Putting together soft hues of pastel tones and a rustic garden-inspired theme was definitely the bride's dream-come-true that we had fun bringing to life. 

Adding to the character and ambience of a fairytale moment, the dinner reception held in a beautiful majestic bungalow hidden amiddst the quaint, quiet neighbourhood of Gasing Hill boasted a well manicured green lawn that perfectly complimented that bedazzling fairylights beneath translucent canopy tents as guests were welcomed to a bountiful sight of demure pastel blooms and delicate roses all around.

At the end of the evening, as we take a step back from all the sauvignon, roast lamb and acoustic romance, with filled bellies and happy lassies taking home posies of leftover roses and lisianthus from the dinner tables; it was a celebration of two people who found their place amongst each other and made the commitment to spend the rest of their lives together, encapsulating it all in a fleeting celebratory night worth a precious lifetime to remember. 

On a personal note as I share their testament of love, they have taught me a great deal more than what I thought I would know on textbook level. Their ability to see love so purely, bask in each other’s presence, finding significance in the simplest things, being contented with lesser expectations and things of this world, learning to put the past behind to focusing on what’s present, speaking forth life into each other, being forgiving and practicing sacrificial love, building rock solid foundations together for a better tomorrow and putting each others’ needs above their own in every way possible is key to sustaining a beautiful, age-defying relationship and brewing a lifetime of unfailing love.

“…I’m coming home
Coming home
Coming home to you.”

To the both of you wonderful beings,
here’s to loving for a lifetime :) 

Venue: Trinity Methodist Church, Hillside 39
Planning and Coordination: Eunice Chan
Décor: Moments
Photography: Justin Hee (jhpixels)
Asst Photographer: Sue Anne (sueannekphotography)