Nautically in Love

18 MAY 2017
by Eunice

We still remember the first time we met Darren and Yen Teng; the first mentioned was tall, lanky and had an extremely charming smile; and the latter, a petite beauty with the cutest animated reactions who carried a jovial, addictive personality as her eyes curled into a moon shape upon laughter. It was that instant we knew we fell in love with this adorable pair at once. The way they look at each other with that unspoken thing we all cannot fathom into words made it infectious.

Marrying this pair was a joy to begin with, and this one stayed with us for a long time, reminiscing their Nautical-themed wedding for their love of the sea and all things blue and rustic.

In the midst of the rustic aesthetics, sharp-edged driftwood, seashells and rough blue nets draped on a stack of wooden pallets beneath a delectable spread of nibbles and munchies (which included these extremely, gooey, dark chocolate chewy cookies made by the groom’s family), it was an undeniably beautiful and meaningful private ceremony.

We particularly find ourselves tuned to watching the look on grooms’ faces when his bride walks down the aisle. For Darren, his face said it all. The years’ worth of bond and love built between the both of them spoke the story for itself when his thick brows began to crunch together and tears welled up in awe of the beautiful Yen Teng who smiled knowingly at him as she clutched the arms of her parents tightly.

Moments like these makes it all worth it and disregards everything else, because there is nothing like watching two people still so much in love with each other even after the decades of flaws, fights and certain mundane routine days. Love is complicated and not every one might turn out the way you would expect it to ideally become; but love is also indisputably the one thing we hold on to and count it as a saving grace in our lives, whichever aspect it may be. Having to witness that special bond between Darren and Yen Teng has taught us that love is so much more than what we think we know even after watching millions of weddings in the past years we have gotten ourselves into.

Coming across this profound one below seems to portray what we took home from their reception and relationship as well. It felt like it was meant for them. So to Darren and Yen Teng, this one goes out to the both of you. We love you!

A fraction to my experience,
And a lifetime left of its dark and intimate peaks In these mountains of words,
How does one sleep?
How shall we rest willingly in the dangerous unknown,
With you and I alone?

Love, I love you too.
How can I not when all of its footprints lead back to you?
Love is as simple as the word yearning on your mouth
As deep as the dark, undiscovered creatures of the sea
Though, most of all,
As far as I dare feel and see,
As simple as it sounds,
And God must well agree,
Love is you and me

- “Love” by Lauren Breidenthal

Ceremony and Reception:  Glasshouse Seputeh
Wedding Coordinator & Decorator: Moments
Photography: hellojanelee