Never Gonna Give You Up

by Avery

Forget formal affairs of walking down the aisle in a white princess dress, accompanied with veil and a lush bouquet of flowers. Forget the stately music and forget the rings! Sara and Derrick's wedding defied conventions, making the celebration its own kind of unique.

A man of reserved words, Derrick is the kind of person who speaks only when he needs to with a reservoir of wit and wisdom. While, Sara, is organised and meticulous with her army of detailed spreadsheets and a creative streak that lends itself to DIY projects. They were brought together by their love of food and drink, having met at a chicken rice party Derrick once threw. Together, they're hilarious and always making each other and the people around them laugh. If that's not true love, I don't know what is.

And while we had planned their wedding, it meant a lot to Sara and Derrick that their friends and family had a hand in putting the day together. In fact, the couple came up with all these activity ideas on their own!

There was a photo timeline strung along the glass walls filled with photos of the couple and their friends where guests could reminisce on their friendships together and a guest book made out of Jenga blocks. Sara and Derrick’s family even got up early to prepare yummy bruschetta toppings for the cheese bar (the salmon rillettes was to die for!) and roll out fresh pasta dough for a hands-on pasta making experience. To top it all off, Sara and Derrick kept their wedding cake plain and instead got their guests to decorate it!

In every detail, there was a touch of Sara and Derrick as well as their friends and family. Although they emphasised that the day was all about fun and togetherness, it was not within its own slew of emotions and touching moments. While beautiful gifts are a dime a dozen, Sara and Derrick presented their parents with unique paintings of photos from their childhood they painstakingly recreated (Derrick says he painted the dog’s nose!), bringing tears to everyone's eyes as they  remembered Derrick's late mother memorialised in their artwork.

When we first met Sara and Derrick, they were adamant that their wedding day should be less about them; instead, it was a celebration of the relationships they had formed and forged over the years with their closest of friends and family. And seeing as their guests flew in from all over the world to join them on their big day, it is evident just how important Sara and Derrick are to them as well.

Marriages are tricky things; you'll learn more about your partner than you'd like but also about yourself. The road ahead for Sara and Derrick looks bright as she says, "I believe in the commitment of two people, commited to a purposeful life" and he cheekily replies, "I'm never gonna give up you, never gonna let you down , never gonna turn around and desert you."

Wedding Planning & Coordination: Moments
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Photography: Arch & Vow