Of Caravans, Sunshine Smiles and Fluffy Happiness

27 June 2015
Writen by Eunice Chan

Howdy Humans.

It would only seem fair if I did a little introductory of my masters whom I serve loyalty in return for a treatment of royalty for a white fluff-ball like me.

I must say, I sensed how extra happy both my masters were on that very special day, dated 27th June 2015. I watched Henna with tears constantly welled up in her eyes but I wasn’t worried, because I knew that they were tears of happiness and I saw Master Colin dancing around, giddy with bliss. I know it’s weird that you are hearing my thoughts, considering that I am but a creature that does not speak verbally, but I’d like to be heard, just to tell you how genuinely happy I am to watch both my masters walk down the aisle and tie the knot.

So there I was, watching everything fall into place, snuggled in the arms of Henna’s maid of honour who was to walk down the aisle with me in her arms. My, what an honour! Anyways, this was how the day went by. As evening dawned, guests starting flooding in looking all dolled up with smiles plastered on their faces, where exchanges of happy conversations and laughter filled the hall and at that very moment, I felt that today’s celebration was indeed the ultimate definition of happiness.

The venue seemed like a perfect blend of industrial chic and rustic elements, and with deco in place, the place lit up perfectly. The hallway was filled with the sight of pristine white chivalry chairs alongside gorgeous yellow blooms and the scent of fresh lemon that lined the long tables which beckoned to the throng of guests on that special day. Master Colin brought in two vintage Volkswagen and I don’t understand why everyone seemed to adore them so much, but I suppose they are of a priceless value. Nevertheless, I do admit that the caravans definitely added in an extra touch of class to the overall vibe of the event and it was picture perfect for everyone who took pictures being flanked by them.

Dear humans, I am going to be downright honest and admit how tempted I was to either sneak a lick or gobble down everything I saw on that candy bar filled with crazy yummy treats. From the minty green swirls on the vanilla cuppas to them jars of salted popcorn to whiffing the scent of buttered cookies, it was completely irresistible. But, I behaved. The rest of the pictures that flash through my memory could probably do the rest of the story telling as I share them with you. Pretty little details and what not.

But what I do remember clearly, was the latter part of this beautiful day.
The little girls walked down, hand in hand with their posies, followed by the row of pretty maidens in sweeping gowns, with of course me, being the first to walk down the aisle in all my furry glory. As “Beautiful in White” started serenading, it was my turn to well up in doggy tears as Henna graced down the aisle, looking ever so radiant and beautiful. The look on Master Colin’s face, I tell you, was indescribable. My heart melted into puddles of oozy love as I watched them exchange vows and one of the sweetest kisses of all time.

I’d say that the night went on pretty well, friends. Or rather, it was a night I would cherish for as long as I’m able to live. Food never tasted any better; well they gave me a fair portion, and what better to enjoy the night being cuddled in the arms of the gentle bride and being serenaded to songs ever so melodious to my ears. Yes, I appreciate music too. It was a chill atmosphere filled with happy vibes, good music, good food, and good company.

To the best masters I’ve ever had, thank you for making me part of this beautiful night and a once in a lifetime event that means so much to me. I am ever grateful for your love and care and today, it is my turn to celebrate your unfailing love for one another in marriage and here’s a toast to the beginning of another beautiful chapter of adventures together!
Woof ☺

Your Favourite Furball

Dinner Reception: City Harvest KL
Wedding Planners: Moments
Photography: BY Photography
Decorator: Moments
Music Band: Anthony Chang and team