Once Upon A Dream

by Eunice

“I know you,
I walked with you
once upon a dream

I know you,
that look in your eyes
is so familiar a gleam

And I know it's true
that visions are seldom
all they seem
But if I know you,
I know what you'll do

You'll love me at once,
the way you did
once upon a dream”

- Once Upon A Dream, Lana Del Ray

There is always that nostalgic inkling at the mention of the magical realms of these familiar childhood tales, its whimsical semblance caressing through the air and the spectacular shot of shooting stars that pursues after the iconic blue roofed castle, known dearly by heart as Disneyland.

It does often appear to be a façade of wishful dreams little girls often grow up believing what the pages tell them, a mere wish-upon-a-star
For Eu Jhin and Michelle, the childhood fairytale came to life, for their companionship encompassed a wonderful spell of love, union and dreams that do come true.

Beneath the layers of fine tulle and delicate sheathe she veiled on, lies the heart of a true princess that was blessed to have a fairy tale-inspired celebration and a worthy prince charming on the inside out; both grateful for the privilege of a royalty-worthy wedding to call their own.

 Transported into the imaginary bluebell-filled wildwoods with melodious notes serenading, the transformed ballroom undeniably set a tall bar that very magical night. The highest of praises permeated the hallways with echoing laughters of joy to the clinking of bubbling champagne flutes, as awe-struck whispers and gasps of delight continue to tingle through the enchanted walls.

Strewn across the hallways was a whimsical display of the Mad Hatter’s table filled with gorgeous petite bites and sweet treats, charming little teacups and woodland décor that seemingly popped right out of Alice in Wonderland, an edgy delightful contrast to the lavishly spruced ballroom brimming with crystal chandeliers, adorned with cascading blooms and tabletops festooned with graceful fleurs and glowing candlelights, reflecting the warmth in all the happy, glowing faces gathered around the tables.

The magical ambience reached it’s glorious epiphany as the stunning couple graced the doorways in harmony, marking a beautiful beginning to the start of yet an entralling night installed with tear-jerking testimonies, moving words of affirmation and an evening filled with beautiful dancing and graceful rhythm.

As they stood within the gilded frames of their very own Cinderella-inspired carriage, their allied hearts instantly cast a euphoric glow over the entire ballroom, a truly rhapsodic experience to behold; nirvana at it’s finest.

To Eu Jhin and Michelle, we raise our glasses to a life happily ever after.

Wedding Planning & Coordination: Moments
Décor: Marble & Co
Photography: Jon Low