by Avery

Urban chic and home to all things indie, there is no location more worthy of an industrial-styled wedding than APW, Bangsar. With exposed beams, bare concrete walls and a history of printing presses and fresh ink, it sets the perfect backdrop for Jeremy and Mei Chin’s nuptials.

The harsh lines and warehouse vibe was a beautiful contrast against the bubbly and infectious personality of the bride, her dress a sleek creation that flowed elegantly with every movement. Her smile never left her blushing cheeks, more so, when she walked down the aisle in a ceremony at Uppercase as intimate as it was steeped in love and faith, surrounded by the closest of friends and family. Even the heavens seem to bless their union when sunlight spilled in through the sun roof windows, bathing the couple in warm glow.

 Jeremy and Mei Chin are a match made in heaven, fitting perfectly into each other’s sides with twin smiles on their faces. As they stepped into their reception for the first time as husband and wife, they were greeted by raucous cheers from their friends and family. The fun-loving and adventurous couple veered from the traditional and opted for a cosy, sit-down dinner filled with good music and plenty of all-night dancing!

And as the night wound down, their friends prompted them into an impromptu first dance. As they swayed to Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect”, Mei Chin’s smile was serene, calm and the love shining in that simple gesture was enough to stop me in my tracks. Even though they were surrounded by their enthusiastic friends and lit only by camera flashlights, the moment was as intimate as any.

It was perfect; they were perfect.

Wedding Coordination: Moments
Décor: Moments
Photography: Eric Ooi