Redefining 'Sui Generis'

25 January 2017 
by Eunice

‘Sui Generis’ is a Latin phrase, which refers to a class of its own, exclusively unique, and a creation of which does not conform to standard genre boundaries.

Well, we happen to have bumped across two ebullient beings that taught us the living definition of it. If there is one couple amongst the throngs that lives by the most unconventional of ways and makes the boldest of statements by what we’d simply call ‘living’ and ‘breathing’, it has got to be the ultimatum duo, #SerLiang.

Not too long ago, we did a piece on Ser Siang and Sze Liang’s bohemian chic ROM ceremony that took place in KL Journal. If you have a few additional minutes to spare and that wild curiosity of what a beautiful gypsy realm tastes like needs to be fed, head on over and read it here.

A few weeks after their ROM ceremony, we also had the pleasure of coordinating their lush and bold-defining dinner reception. Unique, vibrant and mesmerizing are a few words within the capacity of our humble vocabulary to describe the wedding of Ser Siang and Sze Liang, who decided to add a touch of ‘wow’ element onto their dinner reception.

Before moving forward with the wowza deets of the reception, here’s a little sneak of their proposal. The witty groom had actually sent an application form to Sze Liang’s father, asking for her hand in marriage. Yup, we know. For real. The emailed application formed contained complete details together with his future plans with Sze Liang. As though things weren’t funky enough, Sze Liang’s dad of course responded by asking for an interview session and a copy of his income tax. LOL, talk about #cooldads. And obviously, the application was approved! Ser Siang then proposed to Sze Liang on a boat in Hong Kong during a private holiday together with some their closest friends. After getting engaged, the couple decided to joint venture and came up with an empire called Gold Bar, a hub for insanely good artisanal crafted beer (Go try it out!). What a great way to share something for their start of forever! Cheers, guys!

Now onto the ultimate wedding details! The cocktail session was fun-filled with a bow tie booth that not only serves as a cute keepsake for guests, but also as a wardrobe upgrade for the gentlemen of the night. Yummy desserts are always sure to hit the spot and speaking of brilliant ones, the infamous frozen yogurt llao llao was a huge crowd win! What better way to enjoy something sweet without having to feel guilty about cheating on your diet after!

Sze Liang loves all things whimsical and she really wanted something that is out of this world. And out of this world was what she got! Thanks to the masterminds behind this mega décor, Marble & Co and the prodigy behind it, Jokee. Walking into the ballroom, we literally stopped in our tracks before the grand entrance. The lot of us were beyond awestruck. We couldn’t be more in love with their floral-covered gazebo, oozing with luscious giant merlot-coloured blooms, marsala-hued amaranthus and draped in an ethereal vibe of a magical garden. As stunned guests glided into the enchanted ballroom, they were greeted by a Roman fountain illuminated by the warmth of flickering candles and the sight of a celestial angel perched beautifully at the top of the gentle trickles. This stunning décor was all placed on top of a pristine white-carpeted platform that elongated the sense of awe from the entrance door all the way to the stage, cleverly filling the space with a grand walkway and ensuring that all who walks upon it feel as if they are teleported into a real fairytale. Garden benches were brilliantly snuck amidst the exquisite foliage for garden strollers to grab a quick shot with  everything a click of the camera can behold.

The wow effect doesn’t stop here. The bride had three of her bridal dresses on mannequin display throughout the night. Amongst the gorgeous array of tulle displays was Sze Liang’s Paolo Sebastian wedding gown, of which she first glided into the ballroom with. Her two-piece Boho dress that she was clad in during her ROM ceremony and a one-of-a-kind peacock dress were also amongst the magnificent views that complemented the ethereal surrounding. An absolutely incandescent way to showcase one’s wedding gowns! She began her night by wearing a custom-made ‘qun kwa’ and later put on the displayed selection interchangeably during that night, emitting a fresh, enticing look each and every time.

The night’s hype continued to build up when the newlyweds together with their bridal party, threw a surprise dance that surely pumped up the crowd and left them with a night to remember! Ser Siang also surprised his bride, serenading the classic “You Raise Me Up” as a duet with his brother. It was a rather uplifting sight to behold as all the groomsmen spontaneously and unanimously joined the duo on stage to sing along in support their ‘bros’. Such a heartfelt display of love, affection and support on that beautiful night.

To the fun-spirited couple, congratulations! Thank you for entrusting us with your amazing wedding and also, overflowing your contagious vibes of joy and craziness to us. May your newly-embarked journey as husband and wife continue to be fun, exciting and filled with never ending love each day!

Dinner Reception: St Regis KL
Wedding Planner & Coordinator: Moments
Photography: Louis Loo
Decorator: Marble & Co