Rooted in You

By Eunice Chan

“Let us take a loving look
at who we are and
where we have been,
all the lessons
we have learned and all that
we have learned since then.

Isn’t is such a glorious thing,
to see how all of this connects?
And to know that after everything
we have been through,
we are far from finished yet?

May we carry on with courage;
and a deeply rooted hope
that no matter where
the road does lead us,
it will lead us where will grow.”

- Morgan Harper Nichols

As the wind billowed gently through the creases of the quaint little wooden place that perched humbly on top of the hill that morning, the air felt somewhat strangely comforting and assuring, as though it was whispering a knowing foretell that the best day was just about to pen down.

The morning mist set amongst the rustling trees and the silence was interrupted by the gentle sounds of a nearby trickling stream and occasional melodious chirps from the magpies who have decided to join in the celebration to come.

Set amongst the layered terrains filled with fresh and succulent organic veggies, Nick and Dixynn’s love for being close to nature and all things green resonated with this lovely plantation and its resounding, iconic call, ‘A Little Farm on The Hill’. This cosy sanctuary tucked amidst beautiful forestry and set metres above leveled grounds where one can escape the heat and chaos was a breathtakingly perfect fit for an intimate affair to remember.

Everything was crisp and pristine, a serendipitous refuge for sore eyes and an antidote for baggaged minds. It was an open space to beckon the open hearts; with the best dosage of natural sunlight and a curtain of clean white linen hung across the beams, that danced gracefully with the wind. Sprewn across the wooden planks of the enclosed expanse were neatly spruced up wooden tables with accompanying stools, lightly dressed with rustic vines and mason jars filled with blush and ivory blooms. And more endearingly to be found on top each plate were personalised engraved wooden keychains, a thoughtful and befitting token of gratitude from the gracious couple.

Sometimes, the best of celebrations call for just the right amount of company; more often that not, a handful of people that really matter to you. And those faces are the ones that you do not just know their fossilised names by heart, but can truly acknowledge the journey of companionship together over the countless stories, chapters and albums of life.

And for all the twenty significant names present, birds of the sky, butterflies of the meadows, content furry children with the biggest grins and ferns that creeped up the pillars high to watch the much-awaited spectacle, Nick and Dixynn tied the knot amongst the most precious of memories and well-chosen clique as witness to their fairytale.

At the end of the day, when all the baba ganoush have been wiped out, cabernet sauvignon bottles emptied and when the sun had settled slightly from its afternoon’s perkiness, Nick and Dixynn stole a little time for a quiet moment together, taking in all that has been done and all that is yet to be.

To Nick and Dixynn;
May you continue to prune each other in honour and respect, and be always entwined in a love rooted so deeply, and grow to be a man and woman made for each other’s heart.

“For I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit”.

Venue: A Little Farm on a Hill, Janda Baik
Wedding Décor: Moments
Photography: Mun Keat