RUDYliciously ZINNYfied

by Avery

You are the Tropical to My Neon
The Peanut to My Peanut Butter
The Cream in my Chocolate Eclair
The Boost in my Yeezys
The Yin to My Yang. My Balance.
The One who Makes Everything Better.

Those were Rudy's words - yes, they were! Well, not to me but to his other half. In fact, Zinny and Rudy are the epitome of "My Other Half, My Better Half".

They met when Rudy went to Korea for “WORK” (a.k.a to find a wife). He was so smitten by her presence at a neighbourhood café that he struck the iron while it was hot! Sounds like a k-drama, doesn’t it? That’s what we thought of when we first heard the story but the ONLY difference is this time it was for REAL! They hit it off instantly, he proposed and they got engaged in less than a year. Why so quick, some might wonder or even question – but it’s true the saying, when you know, you know.  

More privileged than ever, we get to be the ones to journey with them up until this day. 

For Rudy, Zinny isn’t just any girl; he is a different person when he’s with her. He smiles more, he laughs often and his friends have never seen him happier than this! As for Zinny, Rudy is her destiny. She sacrificed a lot to be with him and she does not even think for a bit that it isn’t worth it! Enjoy the pictures of this wonderful neon tropical theme at their wedding reception.

As the night drew to a close and everyone started to leave for home, I looked over at Zinny and Rudy and I knew for certain they would go to great lengths for each other. He asked "How could someone who gets mistaken for a K-pop Star end up with a washed out, Wannabe Rockstar like me?"To us, he is ever so humble and he kept himself truly understated. They are absolutely perfect together. May the both of you continue to be Each other’s Better Half!

Indeed, we have been RUDYliciously ZINNYfied!

Wedding Coordination: Moments
Photography: Shuttering Hearts
Makeup: Caryn Lee
Decor: Dayco Inspirations