Seaside Carnival Love Affair

6 March 2015 (by Evelyn)

“Love puts the fun together, the sad apart and Joy in our Hearts”

- Anonymous

This wedding is by far our favorite . We had so many wonderful photos and if we were to actually post them all, it might take up every space available in your computer! It was nothing short of Fun! Khye and Christina chosen to celebrate their union at Redang Beach Resort, the place they met and fell in love. What better place to host a carnival themed fun filled wedding that reflects their personality; fun, easy-going and spontaneous. Their wedding invite was a show pass ticket that had to be presented upon entry. They chose purple and white as their wedding colour theme.

No wedding is fun unless the couple and the entire wedding bridal party is open minded and willing to explore different ideas. During the “Jip San Leong”, the ladies were dressed in bunny suit bikini’s (Phew-Wittt) whilst the men were dressed in funky beach pants with sexy suspenders (Uhmmm..).

We absolutely love their modes of transport – the tractor, the scooter and the yacht!

Towards dinner, the sun began to set and the entire seashore turned into a magical fairyland as we strung light bulbs through the dinner area and Photo Corner.

As for the table setting, the reception and the photo area, it was decorated with simple flowers, bulb lightings, rolls of tickets and DIY signages and props.

What was cute was that every individual that attended the wedding were given either of these following tags. Most of them were “Complicated”…

It truly is amazing to be able to watch their loved ones come together to have fun and share their happiness. As we gazed and saw everyone laughing, eating, dancing and enjoying themselves, we were filled with absolute joy and contentment. It was all worthwhile!

The night ended with Khye singing live to his bride and awesome fireworks. Which bride wouldn’t tear up? ☺

Truly an enchanting seaside love affair.

Theme : “Seaside Carnival Love Affair”
Reception: Redang Beach Resort Resort
Photography: Adam Ong
Videography: Filming Arts
Wedding Decorator: Moments