by Eunice

In the midst of the serene green landscapes overlooking the tranquil lake of Saujana, with occasional bird chirpings and the strangely calming trickling sounds of the fountain piercing through the quiet morning, it was one of the most perfect scenes for just about any couple to say their “I Dos”, except it wasn’t just any couple.

This extraordinary pair who happen to dedicate their entire lives to the betterment of humanity and treating those who are in need of it, took up the challenge and commitment to fold 1000 origami paper cranes for their garden ceremony.

Named the art of Senbazuru, an ancient Japanese belief, legend says it that if one folds 1000 origami paper planes strung together in strings, their one wish will come true. Its belief is based on hope and traditionally in the olden days, people would have this done in hopes that their loved ones would be cured from their illnesses. Speaking of which, resonates closely with both Ewe Jin and Ming Lee, being noble doctors themselves.  

The weather was amazing and extremely cooperative, with brilliant lighting just right for beautiful pictures and the gentle breeze just below a shady, lush majestic tropical tree definitely set the right pace and mood for the eager guests that couldn’t keep their knees together on those chiavari chairs spread across the pleasantly manicured lawn.

As they both clutched hands and stood still within other’s solace before the beautifully hung paper cranes that held so much meaning and purpose to it, we knew we stumbled upon a sweet serendipity meeting the both of them.

To Ewe Jin and Ming Lee, may your wish continue to be fulfilled bountifully and wonderfully for another thousand years to come. Blessed Marriage.

Wedding Planning & Coordination: Moments
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Photography: Mun Keat Photography