By Avery Khuan

Movies, books and music videos often portray love in extravagant forms from proposals down on one knee in the rain to chasing down the love of your life at the airport to tell them "don't leave, I love you!". These moments are grand, romantic and they make you go "aww!". But, at the same time, it is couples like Seow Wei and Eddie that remind us how simple and uncomplicated love can be. 

When we met Seow Wei and Eddie, they were very certain that they wanted their wedding and reception to be a celebration of not just their marriage but of family and friends. It was a time for them to catch up and to reminisce on old times, a time of honour and appreciation.

On the day of their wedding, with the sun just reaching its crowning peak and casting a soft morning glow on all it touched, the ceremony was a quiet kind of romantic. With her cathedral-length veil and all-green bouquet, Seow Wei was a bride in her finest glory. Decked in green, white and hints of blush, the ceremony was both understated and elegant: just like Seow Wei and Eddie’s relationship.

Eddie and Seow Wei are admittedly shy people and their love is a private affair; it is rare to see them be openly affectionate with each other. Rather, their sweet and simple love for each other is shown in different, intimate ways. It is in the quiet and personal moments from adjusting a tie to taking a quick break from the festivities and being in each other's company. But I think the most simple and uncomplicated way that Seow Wei and Eddie show their love for each other is in the video that they made. It told the story of their daily life in Taiwan where the couple calls home, from the every day sights that they see to their lovingly decorated home.

We love lavish weddings with hundreds of guests and a rousing night of merriment, joy and love. But, love also finds its way in small weddings with only a handful of guests locked in warm, intimate conversations. Just like how, there are some loves that are unbridled and unafraid to shout it from the rooftop at the top of their lungs. There are also loves like Seow Wei and Eddie's that are simple and uncomplicated; it just is.

Venue: Le Meridien Hotel Kuala Lumpur
Planning and Coordination: Moments
Photographer: Andrew Yep Photography
Décor: Pretty Little Things
Cake: sayaBAKE