by Eunice Chan

“Hide me now
Under your wings
Cover me
Within your mighty hand

When the oceans rise and thunders roar
I will soar with you above the storm
Father you are king over the flood
I will be still and know you are God”

- Still, Hillsong

As we turned into her driveway, our jaws synonymously gapped wide as we marveled at her home; a majestic structure that resembled half a castle, surrounded by a perfectly manicured lawn dotted in a brilliant spectacle of colourful flowers; a beautiful nest they named Bethel.

Suzanne’s head poked out and she flashed her charming dimpled-smile and warmly welcomed us into her home. It was the night before the wedding and she was bustling about, entertaining the throng of relatives and friends gathered as they stuffed themselves with an amazing array of delicious buffet. We then heard a familiar “Hello, hello!” and turned to greet the fair lad clad in spectacles, as Kevin grinned sheepishly and told us to enjoy the food.

And so it began, the three-day wedding bell which started off in Ipoh, the city of scrumptious food, where the matrimony took place and hometown to our lovely bride, Suzanne.

When we first met Kevin and Suzanne, we fell in love with their gentle spirits, down-to-earth personalities and how easy going they were; always entrusting and empowering us to advise what’s best for them. The both of these amazing duos also take the extra mile of us planners and vendors, ensuring we were taken care off at all times as well which is something we truly, truly appreciate and cherish very much.

Suzanne’s parents were also very welcoming and warm as we got to know the family a little bit more throughout our short stay here. They were extremely gentle and accommodating and we could totally see where she inherited those traits from, and why Kevin fell for this kind, sweet soul.

To be honest, there was nothing extravagant, flashy or lavish about this matrimony; there was minimal décor and everything was simple, calm and collected just like everyone present. But what struck our hearts and made this wedding so much more memorable was the people and the moments to be remembered. The couple, their family, friends and bridal entourage were just the nicest bunch of beings that were witty, of good sport, fun-loving, approachable, generous and helpful the entire time. This wedding felt like a really intimate reunion of people who mattered to the couple, a gathering of loved ones who have seen through Kevin and Suzanne through the many ages and seasons of their lives and who would genuinely laugh, cry, smile and cheer to their beautiful new chapter and adventure that very day.

St Andrew’s greeted us that fine morning with a breathtaking rustic structure of age-old stone walls like a fort during Medieval times; the sanctuary was lined with carved dark wooden pews, floors tiled with nostalgia, Gothic windows divided by tracery stained with intricate mural, and altar flowing with rich red roses, lace and grace.

Elegant, poised and brimming with a glowing radiance, Suzanne clasped her father’s arms tight as she graced the aisle in her pristine sleeved gown to her man standing by the altar, who locked his eyes on his beautiful bride and wiped a tear that tricked down his cheek.

It is moments like these that fuel our passion and drive us to continue helping the best we can in every beautiful story. It is stories like these that we enjoy telling over and over again, and we brim with endless joy knowing full this purpose is worth everything and it is well. It is opportunities like these we chance upon, crossing paths with amazing individuals that come into our lives, touch us, and leave an imprint in our hearts.

And when the buzz slowed down and everyone had migrated outdoors to enjoy the lunch spread, the both of them remained indoors for a brief moment of quiet and space. It was a sunny afternoon and the empty sanctuary veiled the two of them, as a little girl was running her fingers through the piano keys, gently serenading in the background.

In the still, they stood in the shadows as warm lights glowed through the stained glass; pausing for a quiet moment just between them as husband and wife, as Kevin planted a gentle, assuring kiss on her forehead.

To Kevin and Suzanne, may you both continue to grow in His love and let it shine as your marriage continues to receiving anointing of favour, grace and blessing from on high.

Venue: St Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, Ipoh
Planning & Coordination: Moments
Photography: Louis Gan
Second Shooter: Teddy Chern
Cake: The Slice