Together, We Celebrate!

By Avery Khuan

As Malaysia enters it’s 63rd year of independence in these times of crisis, the victories and the challenges we face together as a country are uplifting reminders of our undying unity, togetherness, patriotism and “Malaysia Boleh!” spirit. And as we reflect on this, we are reminded of our couples and their weddings, especially Ch’eng Leong and Michelle’s day which is an apt feature for Merdeka day as their wedding was one that truly reflected the Malaysian spirit. The couple brought multiple elements of Malaysian culture into their wedding from the venue to the food and the ever generous Malaysian spirit. 

Held at K’Seena House, a traditional Malay-styled kampung house with a rich heritage, Ch’eng Leong and Michelle’s wedding started off on the right foot. The charming house, filled with old-school charm and storied history set the stage for their morning preparations and bride-fetching ceremony. The extensive lawn area was turned into a simple but impactful ROM ceremony and the wedding reception was held in front of the house, with the house itself serving as the backdrop to the luncheon events.

With food playing an important role in our culture and none more so than on one of the most important days of their lives, Ch’eng Leong and Michelle had put a lot of thought into the food they would serve their guests. Before the day even started, it was warm-hearted and familiar flavours for breakfast. The couple had prepared a typical Malaysian spread of nasi lemak, curry puffs and hot “teh tarik” much to everyone’s delight. And for their wedding reception, it was Indian cuisine served dome-style, to be shared in a manner that can only be described as truly Malaysian.


To make it more meaningful, Ch’eng Leong and Michelle ensured that no leftover food would go to waste. They organised for a food charity to ensure the food would be put in the right hands and engaged their guests in this meaningful act by reminding their guests to use serving spoons to ensure the food remained in a hygienic condition. 


For their wedding decor, although Ch’eng Leong and Michelle opted for a classic wedding palette and floral choices, their colour scheme was bright and bold with eye-catching shades of red that really bring to mind a spirit of nationality that fit the other Malaysian elements of the day. Except for Michelle’s bouquet which was a beautiful and colourful mix of our national colours. And, in keeping environmentally-conscious and to their Malaysian garden wedding theme, Ch’eng Leong and Michelle gave out mini pots of succulents as wedding favours that were a big hit with their friends and family.


It is always a parade of colours at weddings with a Malaysian theme. From cultural outfits to classy batiks and some truly cheeky Malaysian-style, Ch’eng Leong and Michelle’s guests turned out in full force. Their bridesmaids and groomsmen really pulled it all together. Michelle’s bridesmaids wore matching batik kebaya with sweet flowers in their hair while Ch’eng Leong’s groomsmen embraced a truly Malaysian spirit and wore their favourite football team’s jerseys for the bride-fetching ceremony.


However, perhaps the most memorable and the truly Malaysian part of the wedding was how Ch’eng Leong and Michelle’s family and friends came together to help not just each other but us, the wedding planners. The tea ceremony backdrop was lovingly put together and curated by the family and there was no shortage of help offered throughout the day. Malaysians are naturally helpful, a kind smile, a hearty laugh and a gracious hand always extended when you need it the most. It is most apt and fitting that the theme of this year’s independence day is Malaysia Prihatin (Malaysia Cares) and this Malaysian spirit is what we truly want to celebrate and cherish.

Together, we celebrate. Selamat Hari Merdeka Ke-63, Malaysia!

Venue: K’Seena House
Planning & Coordination: Moments
Photography: JC Studio Films
Videography: Gatz Production
Decor: K’Seena House