With Scoops of Happiness

14 JULY 2017
by Eunice

“You job seems to be a lot of fun isn’t it?”

That’s like the epitome of all rhetorical questions we get perpetually, also a definite perk of being a wedding planner. Honestly guys, it’s probably one of the toughest questions we take centuries to answer. What really goes through our brains….Filtering through the conflicting thoughts of countless repetitive programmes, one or two touching speeches, streak marks of joy tears, a bunch of aesthetically-pleasing fleur to the eye, awesome spot-on décor, Pinterest-worthy tulle gowns, perhaps some hiccups and stormier days, lots of sweat and grime… and the list goes on seemingly in a cycle.

But then once in a purple moon, you also get a whiff of fresh air. A crisp, happy one that you know is just it, out of the mundane cycle you bullet through the years of ‘work’. And that’s when someone asks you that same question again, and you are certain you can answer to that question instantly.

No, it’s not about how awesome they brought in a to-die-for Baskin Robbins cart full of happy scoops for the happy tummies (of course no denying that’s brownie points), but the fact how Jia Ming and Whey Jinn are just so amazingly down to earth and approachable, it makes you think twice about all there is to life and what defines “fun”.

It’s hilarious thinking back the first time we met them, looking from afar thinking what’s installed for us this time around. And then when we start talking, all the defences automatically drops and we could literally, comfortably have a casual chat over ‘teh tarik’. What we love so much about them is that they really get the beauty in simplicity and know how to discern between what’s worth splurging, what’s necessarily to fork out and what can be ditched for a cheaper, but equally good option. Value peeps. That’s the real deal.

Having said that, we’re extremely grateful that they went with our idea of an Italian cheese spread to jazz things up, breaking the monotony of your everyday dessert bars. From merlot-hued sweet cherries to an assortment of buttery bakes, to fresh berries and a platter of earthy, supple cheese, that 7 feet spread was a crowd-winner.

Needless to say, this poses the best answer to the very first question at the top of this read. And let the pictures do the talking.

Oh, and just a little teaser, there’s more gorgeous stuff to gawk at their dinner. Can’t wait to share it with you peeps!

Venue: Le Meridien Hotel, Kuala Lumpur
Wedding Planning & Coordination: Moments
Décor: Moments
Photography: Arch & Vow