Wonderfully Boho

11 November 2016
written by Sabrina Ng

When we say Bohemian, one may think of excessively dripping head pieces and flowy kaftans. Well, let’s put this into perspective and try to think of Coachella with less of the outdoor heat and more on the celebration of love and union between two high-spirited and laid back beautiful individuals It was a bohemian inspired festive where food, music , liquor and tears (of happiness, of course) seemed to be abundant , the overall vibe of Ser Siang and Sze Liang’s ROM reception makes you wanna go all gypsy by putting on your best poncho and go dancing wherever the wind blows and the stars end.

An array of mismatch woven rugs and throw pillows, along with the patches of grass and the cheerful teepee had transformed the central hub of KL Journal into a stunning kaleidoscope of colours. The front of the aisle with the 11 feet tall teepee where Ser Siang and Sze Liang became man and wife looked absolutely whimsical with the soft ivory drapes and tendrils of lush greeneries dripping with vibrant blooms of the East and West. A chunk of complementary colour pallets were thrown into the soft shades to inject a carefree and laidback bohemia vibe.

With hippie gold Aztec-inspired tattoos skimming on her nape and arms, the easy-going bride of the day, Sze Liang glided into the hub and then the aisle along with her father by her arm brighten up the wedding party with her natural charms. Speckles of gold dusts seemed to have settled on the entire wedding party, radiating a sense of warmth, contentment and blissful atmosphere where you and I would find it rather rude and intimate to interrupt. It was unassumingly magical and heartwarming.

With the industrial chic themed dessert spread didn’t lose its hint of mysteriousness with soft hues of lilac and depths of rich purple. The amethyst geode cake tops off the entire spread wonderfully, perfectly balancing the aesthetic of raw and polished.

When the day has gone, the food has been eaten, flowers have wilted and the dress is locked away in a cupboard, it’s the memory of their free-spirited love standing still.

ROM Ceremony: The KL Journal
Wedding Coordinator & Decorator: Moments
Photography: bluecicadaphotography
Desserts and Cake: chicgorgeoustreats Macaroons: elevete