You Raise Me Up

by Avery

"Cause I'm hell up here on the high wire
You're the hallelujah kind
I'm the dust that spins and
the gust of wind that's blowing by
I'm a desert dry
And in my thirsty eyes
You look like rain".

- You Look Like Rain, Luke Bryan

From the calming greens to the serene waters of the lake, Seth and Susan could not have picked a more breathtakingly beautiful location to celebrate their nuptials. Natural, raw and real, it reflected who they are as a couple and as people; honest and true. And, hours before Seth and Susan officially tied the knot, the sky broke open in a heavy shower of cooling rain. For many, it would have been a damper on the perfect wedding day but, rain is also seen as a blessing of good luck for after it pours, it shines.

Seth and Susan are like two peas in a pod; meant to be and wrapped up in their love for each other. Seth is adventurous, giving and always ready with a laugh. Susan is generous and kind with a personality as radiant as her smile. He is her complement, the rugged to her feminine. She is the rain in his desert; a breath of fresh air.

But as they say, no marriage is complete without a strong support system; a village of friends, family and loved ones who join you on this next step in life. Seth and Susan are supported by advice and embarrassing anecdotes like this one from her father who says, “Don’t think too hard, think with your heart” while their friends relayed the story of how Seth and Susan came to be.

For, when they first met, Seth was your quintessential bad boy and here’s a secret, he was Susan’s type! If you asked me, I’d say this is definitely love at first sight and as the years went by, they grew wiser, more mature and out of the dyed blondes that Seth used to rock (you can tell what a bad boy he really was!).

Love and marriage work in wonderful ways. Sometimes, it makes you cry but most of the times, it makes you laugh. Other times, you’ll end up spouting cheesy stuff like when Seth says, “She planned 99% of this wedding, I only planned 1%. So you can say, I am the One.”


Wedding Coordination: Moments
Photography: Jane Lee
Decor: Dayco Inspirations (Hilda)
Videographer: Pause Studio