7 Tips to Planning The Perfect Wedding Proposal

Written by: Avery

Congratulations! You’re ready to take the next step in your relationship and your first step into your wedding journey. From Pinterest-perfect to Instagram-envy, the world is your oyster and it can be especially daunting with all the choices out there. But, have courage! As wedding connoisseurs, we know just how to make it simple for you. Here are seven of our top tips to planning the perfect wedding proposal, featuring Sharlynn and Wei Min who held their wedding proposal a few months back. 

1. Intimate vs Public

Two’s company and three’s a crowd! Many people may feel shy at holding a proposal in front of a big crowd of people albeit your friends and family while others may want to share their love and joy. Pick the best fit for you whether it’s an intimate one-on-one session or a rocking celebration!

Wei Min and Sharlynn are a family-oriented couple surrounded by lots of love and they also share common friends. So, when it came time to pop the big question, it was only fitting that they be surrounded by their friends and family. In fact, Wei Min arranged for their friends and family to be the first people to greet Sharlynn as she arrived, passing her small bunches of baby’s breath. 

2. Venue Marry Me

Do you have a place that is special to the both of you? Or perhaps, your fiance has always dreamed of being proposed to while on a beach getaway? Choosing the perfect venue makes your wedding proposal more meaningful and memorable, especially when you show that you’re listening to your partner’s wants, needs and dreams. 

When discussing with Wei Min about potential proposal venues, he knew that Sharlynn loved wide open spaces with lots of greenery. And, initially, we had thought about proposing in a park but when we chanced upon the open rooftop of Castra by Colony, set against the backdrop of the city with charming Bohemian vibes, the pieces fell right into place!


3. Your Decor Aesthetic

Roses are red, violets are blue! Whether it’s lavish setups with a gorgeous abundance of flowers or you love the minimalist, Muji aesthetic, the decorations for the proposal set the backdrop for your day and will be the spot in which you take photos. Roses are a popular floral choice for proposals as roses signify everlasting love and romance but you can put your own spin on it!

Wei Min knows quite well that Sharlynn’s style is casual, laid back and non-fussy and told us that she absolutely was not a fan of roses or the typical wedding proposal setup. He knew that he wanted a sign to say “Marry Me”. So, together with Le Winds Day, we conceptualised a warm and cosy Bohemian theme that matched the vibes of Castra by Colony, featuring gorgeous marquee block letters that really lit up the night! And for Sharlynn’s bouquet, Wei Min wanted delicate chamomile flowers and we elevated it with some fresh, white tulips.

4. Surprise Within A Surprise

It seems a little strange to add a surprise onto a proposal which is already a surprise but hear us out! There are little ways you can add even more meaning and fun to your proposal. From something as simple as surprising your fiance with a live band and singing their favourite song or something as grand as a treasure hunt, adding a surprise they didn’t see coming will make your wedding proposal all that more memorable and special.

Wei Min’s grand gesture was meticulously planned from hiring a professional videographer to put together a slideshow montage of his and Sharlynn’s key moments together, overlaid with a heartwarming speech to ending the video with a clip of him at Castra! Which made for such a fun entrance as he walked out from behind the projector screen, bouquet and ring in hand. 

5. Proposal Professionals

Your wedding proposal is a day to remember in your wedding journey; after all, it is only the beginning of the new part of your life. While your uncle and aunt may be a photography enthusiast, ensure your key moments are captured by professional photographers and videographers so you can always look back fondly at your memories and the day that started it all. Check out the full vendor list at the end of this post!

6. Write It Down

Before popping the question, ease into it by saying a few words. It could be a long speech, a short one, some simple vows or you could even read a poem. But remember to write it down somewhere, whether on a specially designed card or even your phone as the last thing you want to be doing is stammering and at a loss for words. Remember, it’s all being caught on video! It also helps your partner feel more comfortable in the moment.

7. Assemble Your Avengers

It’s the hard truth but planning a wedding proposal requires a team of your most dedicated friends, family and even vendors. From making sure your fiance doesn’t suspect a thing to getting the venue and decorations ready, get battle, we mean, proposal ready, with experts who will pull your day off flawlessly.

Or, better yet, hire a planner! Armed with the most efficient vendors at our fingertips, programmes, spreadsheets, design expertise, acting abilities (our team once had to act as the restaurant staff) and superspy skills, we’ll use these tips and much more to make your once in a lifetime wedding proposal stress-free, seamless and magical!

Congratulations, Wei Min and Sharlynn!

Venue: Castra by Colony
Planning and Coordination: Moments
Photographer: Louis Gan
Videography: Bean Pictures Cinematography
Decorator: Le Winds Day
Caterer: Victory Catering
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