A Time of Giving

Christmas - the most wonderful time of the year!

And possible, the BUSIEST as well! For most; there’s the trees awaiting to be decorated, gifts to be wrapped, ingredients drowning the counter tops to cook up a storm, parties to attend and the list goes on.

For us here at Moments and possible many others who share the same sentiments as we do in the wedding industry, it is literally like being in a fisherman’s boat with scarce supplies, stuck in a whirling ocean, braving through the heaviest storm you can never be too prepared for, and trying to survive day by day with God’s grace. December and the year’s end never ceases to be the CRAZIEST time of the year with tonnes of people tying the knot on the same dates! I guess December’s the charm. I don’t deny that there really is something about December and the cheerful spirit that it brings along with.

I think that we’ve come to a point where we get so caught up in the hustle and bustle of the locomotive called work that we end up indulging ourselves, getting lost within the traps of materialism, consumerism and unrealistic expectations we pressure ourselves to live up to. And with that, we forget to pause and reflect on just why we celebrate Christmas.

Christmas is far more than just being caught up in the hype of the festive lights and dazzling baubles on the trees; it’s about a season of giving. If only we took some time to think about the meaning and spirit behind Christmas, it is so much more rewarding and settling just being in God’s presence and each other’s companionship at the end of the day. There is this peace that surpasses all understanding that dwells within your heart when you truly know the meaning of Christmas and what it means to give. Giving does not necessarily mean with the things of this world, but with the biggest of hearts in whatever that we do and the purest of love in reaching out to minister to others in ways we are individually gifted with. And most importantly, with the intention of not expecting anything in return.

This time around, we wanted to celebrate and give back what we have been blessed with to those who have been giving their utmost to us throughout the year. We have been utterly blessed to cross paths with a dynamic bunch of insanely beautiful souls that selflessly sacrificed their night and days with us to create beautiful moments here in what we do. Their dedication, creativity, loyalty, wit and charm has captivated each and every one of us here at Moments and these amazing memories are deeply imparted in our hearts for a lifetime of eternity.

We threw a little Christmas gathering and invited over everyone who has been part and parcel of our humble Moments family. T’was a simple potluck brunch, a little fussing to jazz up the table, presents round the good ol’ tree, a jam of classics over the rustic acoustic and a game or two to deck the halls with a spritz of cheerful laughter.

It is truly rewarding to be able to reap the rewards of what we sowed. Giving back what we have received. And this, is the true meaning of Christmas.

We hope that as you sit around the tree with your family and friends this year round, sipping on Prosecco and exchanging pretty presents, may you also take time off to reflect on the real meaning of Christmas and continue to spread the celebration of love, peace and joy always.

Blessed Christmas from all of us here at Moments!



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