And Suddenly... You are Two!

I randomly burst into tears (only a few drops) rambling about how my little man is growing up sooo very fast. My husband thinks I’m going sadistically nuts. He keeps reminding me that he is only 2! Sometimes (only sometimes), I think that too. BUT!!! 2 is an awesomely big number in my life. How did he get so tall & so independent? Don’t get me wrong, I am not sad (just a little bit maybe...). But I am overjoyed that he is a part of us. He is growing up right before our eyes, sooooo very fast!

Dear Isaac,

From today onwards, you will be 2. Despite my very best efforts to stop this from happening, you will still turn 2. I’ll try harder next year.

Since you made your entrance into the world, my life hasn’t been the same. You are by far my biggest source of joy, my biggest challenge and my biggest energy drainer. You keep me going and you fill the household with so much happy chaos. You are really good at laughter. You cause it. You do it. You make it all better with it.

It truly makes my day when you curl up to us for a few minutes whilst the remains of dreamland fade very quickly away for your daddy. You enjoy jumping, singing dancing, bullying daddy and turning the entire house upside down with your gazillion toys. You are always busy doing something. Either swimming with the KungKung, driving with the Kau Foo, feeding fish with Daddy or playing with Popo’s pot’s and pans, but of them all, your love for planes & helicopters wins top notch! Kudos to “Dusty” and “Heli” :) You carry them here there everywhere and you marvel at their propellers (and destroys them too...)

You have a catalogue of different smiles, for each person and every single one still melts me. You have that giggle, that turns into a squeal and that turns into a scream (Stand in the corner, naughty boy!!) – the most infectious sound on earth. That cute little twinkle in your eye and the cuddliest little munchkin I’ve ever owned.

You are cheeky, naughty and loud all at the same time.

So much of me wants to bottle up each little section of your personality and keep you “Two” right here and now at this stage forever. But I must learn to let go and let you grow. I pray that God will grant me the wisdom to teach and nurture you in His ways (and not be toooo spoilt!)

Always remember, no matter how old you are or how big you get, you will always be my little man. I look forward to all the adventures that we still have to come.

I’m so excited, my little best friend in the making.

With all the love in my heart,
Isaac’s Mummy

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