Another Feather in Our Cap

For a bunch of ladies more used to straightening out wedding trains and ensuring that wine glasses were never empty, hearing that we were going to be styling a farmers market was a breath of fresh air!

We immediately started coming up with ideas; we knew for definite we wanted to channel a rustic and country atmosphere right in the city. We had a great location; it was a nice long stretch of road at Agile Properties Mont Kiara. All we had to do now was get some hay and loads and loads of wood!

It was very fun to see the Moments team work tirelessly to turn our vision into a reality. After all, it’s not every day that we get the entire team working on a single project, at the same time. Our days were made up of constant calls to vendors, hay sellers and of course, to each other, making sure we were all on board and on track with the progress of the market.

We were entrusted by Agile Properties to design the market and we wanted to do them proud. And I must say, judging by the beautiful pictures and the response we got from the vendors, we did it!

And as 9 a.m. rolled around on the morning filled with fluffy clouds and soft golden sunlight, we were blessed with the perfect day for an outdoor market.

At the end of the day, I think my favourite part about this farmers market was my team, my Moments girls pulling together as one and having fun, in general. Not that the project didn’t come with stressors of its own but it was nothing we couldn’t handle, especially when we stood as one and helped each other.

And now, it’s back to making sure couples get married!

Written by: Avery
Decor and Planning: Moments

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