Rejoice in Milestones, Cherish Moments

Celebrations and milestones are becoming more intimate as we embrace a new normal and move into the recovery phase from the pandemic. After all, the happiness and joy in your little one’s hundredth day celebration or Mum and Dad’s wedding anniversary are important moments to cherish in these times of uncertainty. Whether you’re holding a small gathering of your loved ones, a small celebration or even wanting to present a small gesture of gratitude and joy, here are six ways you can continue celebrating the milestones in your life and cherishing every moment at home:

1. Make It Thematic!

Themed parties and gatherings are fun! It’ll give your guests the chance to put on their best dress and it makes it easy for you to plan the other elements of your gathering from the food, decorations and even the entertainment. 

Whether it’s a simple gathering for Grandma and Grandpa’s wedding anniversary or a Peter Rabbit-themed 100th day celebration or a fancy Roaring Twenties anniversary party, having a theme makes your gathering feel more special, purposeful and provides unique memories to look back upon.

2. Focus on Food

As Malaysians, we love our food and nothing screams celebration more than a spread of deliciousness! After all, love is a home-cooked meal. Surprise your loved ones with their favourite dishes or make it a cooking party and get everyone involved with the preparation.

If cooking is not your strong suit, this is also the perfect time to #sapotlokal. Not only are you making memories, you’re supporting the local food economy. Consider a tapau feast from your local hawker stalls or a catering spread. Or, take it up another level with charcuterie boards and dessert bars; both visually-pleasing and palate-satisfying delights!

3. Dress Up Your Space

Bring your home to life with flowers, balloons and an assortment of decorations! Whether you’re keeping it simple with subtle touches of fresh bouquets of flowers in key areas or you’re going all out with a photo backdrop and dessert bar, decor helps make your gathering feel like a merry celebration!

With the right decor, you can even turn your feature wall or decor piece into a permanent part of your home. From long-lasting acrylic and wood pieces to artfully dried and arranged florals, it becomes a tangible memory of your celebration and the good times with your friends and family. Talk to us about how we can make this happen!

4. Party Favours

From fun children’s party packs to creative do-it-yourself kits and unique trinkets, there is something for every party! Not only are party favours lasting memories of your gathering and celebration but they are a great way to thank your guests for being a part of the moment. As gatherings become more special and intimate, party favours are a warm reminder of the good times you shared with your loved ones. Make it tongue-in-cheek and provide custom washable and reusable masks for your guests to take home.

Or, better yet, curate mini party boxes your guests can continue to find enjoyment in and create their own special memories. 

5. Skip Clean-Up! 

We’ve all been there! Home parties can be an exhausting clean-up session. Instead, consider hosting your gathering at your favourite restaurant. However, do make sure to book ahead to ensure that the eatery can take the necessary health precautions as they anticipate your arrival. 

Or, for a truly special occasion, book a glamorous Airbnb in staycation-style or book a private dining session with menus curated specially for your gathering.

6. Hire a planner or stylist!

Big or small, we absolutely love being a part of your day and your every milestone and moment. There’s nothing that warms our hearts more than happy smiles and cheerful laughter. Whether you’re looking for a planner to take care of every single detail or a stylist to bring your decor vision to life or just a friend to guide you through the process, we’re here to lend a helping hand.

Be it a birthday, an anniversary or just a gathering to get your loved ones together, take the stress out of hosting your party and leave it to us! 

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