Dear Isaac, Happy 365th Day

Written by Evelyn Ng

A child’s first birthday is a big deal. It is just, well, different – it is Big!

Yes, true, a first birthday party is really for parents and close family and friends. Your baby won't remember this party, but that doesn’t’ mean you can’t have fun and make it awesome. You absolutely have to!

There’s something about turning one that shouts for a celebration. It somehow reinforces the feeling of transition from babyhood to toddlerhood. Maybe it’s the determined attempts at walking or talking. Maybe it’s the fact that he will now be joining the ranks of people who don’t count their age in months. (I just did the math and I am approximately 1+++ months old) Or maybe it’s the fact that the little one survived having you as his mummy.

For Isaac and me, it is all of the above.

The first year of motherhood is like a mixed bag – of celebrations, of joys, of sorrows, of compromises, of laughter, of tears, of mental strength and a multiple assessment of your patience, priorities and values.

It is true the saying; being a mom is the hardest and best job in the world. Yes sleep-ins have vanished, “me” time has evaporated into thin air, I have been peed on, sneezed on, snotted on and sometimes my body and my brain doesn’t feel like my own.

But…. there are so many wonderful things that outweigh the eye bags.

Being a mother forces you to live in the present moment. Learning the true meaning of unconditional love. Being greeted when you walk in the door from work every day with excitement. Being a mother challenges you in every way, it brings you to your edge, and it tests your strength, courage and patience. It allows you to appreciate the simple things in life. It allows you to laugh more and not take yourself seriously.

Being a mom has helped me see myself, see the world and see God in a whole new more glorious light. And that vision, is indeed truly humbling.

So cheers to Motherhood and Isaac, my constant overflow of joy!

At Moments, we were inspired to celebrate his first awesome year with his favourite nursery rhymes which was heaps of fun to prepare for and age appropriate for all his aunties, uncles, little baby friends and toddler guests who attended.

Enjoy the Pics !

Isaac Mummy

Birthday Cake: GoodyGumDrop
Sugar Cookies: Melting Moments
Cake Pops: MJ Cakes
Photography: Victor Hew
Decorator: Moments
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