Dusty Hues and Ocean Blues for a Romantic Sunset Beach Wedding

Tranquil, intimate and surrounded by gently rolling waves and soft, white powder, beaches are romance personified.  It is walking along the sand, hand in hand, digging your feet in and leaving your mark on the world. The palm leaves swaying in the distance; the crisp water rushing over your bare toes. It is your wedding march, playing in time to the crash of the waves. The wind carrying the briny yet fresh ocean scent, tousling it through perfectly coiffed beach waves and the setting sun casting a golden glow, blessing everything it touches.

Beach weddings are making their long-awaited comeback and this time, with a fresh twist on the trend – a dreamy marriage of calming hues of blue and cream paired stunningly with the natural environment and the hint of warm brown to compliment the rustic and vintage beach resort. Soft hints of pink lent a feminine touch and lush greenery rounded out the serene equation.

Like the markings in the sand the ocean leaves when the tide goes out, cards with a ruche pattern were chosen to design the invitations open while the names were handwritten in gold calligraphy for a touch of elegance and sparkle, like the surface of the sea when the sun hits its waters.

Using a combination of blue delphiniums, white eustomas, barley wheat and delicate blush pink roses, the blooms married with tall reeds of pampas grass and greenery swayed, lush and dreamy, in the ocean breeze. The flowers even looked like coral! From the bridal bouquet to the aisle and the ceremony, it was old-school romance filled with vintage hues and soft pops of colour.

With the florals lush and flowing, flower stands made of clear acrylic brought out their vibrant style and also helped to preserve the natural beauty of the environment, especially in photographs. After all, with beach weddings, it’s about the surf and sand!

In keeping with the theme, lavender-hued agate crystals were personalised as wedding favours for each attending guest. Sheer dusty blue drapes moved like the waves across the wooden table as they danced in the breeze. Seashells dotted the table and pink salt filled candle holders for an underwater vibe and gold tableware lend a touch of warmth and magic to the setting.

Vintage, soft and dreamy, an ocean-themed wedding in hues of blue is the perfect way to marry a loving relationship with the natural beauty and magic of the sun, surf and sand.

By Avery Khuan

Partners and Collaborators:
Venue: Avillion Port Dickson
Documentation: JC Studios
Photography and Videography: MAYAD Studios
Floral and Styling: Moments
Makeup: YODO
Suit: KADO Homme
Gown and Robe: Audrey and Co.
Major Partners: DJI, RODE, Aputure, Studio Zaloon, Musicbed

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