An entrée is the appetizer of a multi-course meal, served at the beginning or before the main dish. So, it is only apt that for foodies, Shawn, restauranteur at The Gerai Food Loft, and Sue Ann, lover of food at The Gerai, that their romantic and heartfelt union is only the entrée to exploring all the flavours and delicacies that life has to offer.

And it was a palette (we mean, wedding) to remember, paving the way for a stunning main dish.

If you’re curious about all the food analogies, it is because food plays a central role in both Shawn and Sue Ann’s lives. It was The Gerai that brought them together. When Shawn met Sue Ann’s family for the first time, he brought them homemade popiah while the bride’s siblings relegated the crowd with stories about Sue Ann and teaching them how to eat fried chicken and the chicken skin.

Besides food, Shawn and Sue Ann also foster an inkling for the old school and the vintage. Instead of a dessert bar laden with sweet treats, the bride and groom opened their very own kedai runcit, complete with throwback goodies that were staples to the Malaysian childhood experience like Ligo raisins, haw flakes, the rabbit sweets, jellies, preserved plums, an assortment of nuts, titbits and more. Their little shop was a massive hit with all of their guests, delighted with the esssence of yesterday and zest of reminiscence, from the elderly to the little toddlers. Even the photo corner was propped up to mimic the old times of a shophouse otherwise known as tiam chu, with intricate details of inate carving to those wooden doors and grills, a customized signboard and an iconic yet clasically romantic black bicycle. 

And like a three-course meal, she imparted her wisdom in three parts during the speech:

  1. To the single folks, if you’ve taken a fancy to someone working in a restaurant, be it a waiter, manager or cashier; visit that restaurant every day and order your favourite food. When they finally notice you, flash your million dollar smile and as they say, the rest is history.
  2. To Mama and Papa, never apologise for everything that you’ve given us growing up. All we wish is for you to be happy, healthy and to leave the house chores to us.
  3. To their future selves, we promise to love each other through his snoring and her love for teddy bears, through all the ups and downs.

    For the love of food and to that love that strengthens marriage bonds, here's one to Shawn and Sue Ann.

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Written by: Avery
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