For Every Season

Our most favorite time of the year is upon us! Just reflecting upon what we have accomplished makes us wanna call for sparklers!

For us at Moments, 2018 was a beautiful season of Growth. Just as how every shifting season shares an inherent capacity for a new experience, this year we celebrate learning, dynamic thinking and togetherness. We expanded our horizons socially, visually, emotionally and we can truly say that our passion met bountiful opportunities. Yes, it is true! We went through high levels of stress, there were all forms of insanity and there were many unexpected instances that pushed us to our limits. But as a team we embraced every experience and turned each challenge and near failures into lessons of learning that allowed us to go through a whole new level of awareness which paves the way for a better us; a greater good. 

At Home, we never stop! Every one of us keeps going and going and going. No two days are the same. We meet, we plan, we assign, we divide, we conquer, we share, we react, we coordinate, we forget, we are reminded, we party and we do it all over again. Although the routine remains the same, there is always something new in the day and every day slightly different from the other. But, the beauty in this is that we are privileged to cross paths with a whole range of personalities that have a story to tell. Greater still, when we come together as a team, tap on each other’s strengths, enhance our creativity (e.g the best hashtags in the world) and figure out more flexible solutions to ensure that we are able to tell that particular story in the manner each couple tailored for it to be. We are strong believers of teamwork and how much it invariably outperforms individuals if we work effectively. 

You could have the best laid plan, but if you don’t have the right people in place to execute your vision, it will never really be your true vision. This year we would like to take this incredible opportunity to celebrate these amazing women who inspire, motivate and walk alongside us every day.  Thank you for being the colours of our life. 

Ee Wei 

We thank you for always having everything under control, for being responsible and for being ever so confident; we know it takes the world to complete every task assigned to you. 


We thank you for handling adversity like a champion and for always making sure everything is cared for, thought of and put to correct perspective; we know it takes a lot and you always give it your 100%.  

Li Wei 

We thank you for being the nicest always, forever helpful and attentive in making sure every decor job is picture perfect. We know all the stress in planning and detailing that you have to go thru! 


We thank you for always putting the extra effort in all that you do and for showering our lives with a whole lot of tender loving care. You may seem the fiercest always, but inside you are sweetest and most caring. 


We thank you for being our perfect multitasker and for always being ever so cheerful that everyone feels comfortable and steady although you are drowning in an amazingly huge workload.


We thank you for always putting effort to present to us your highest form of creativity and always making things rhyme a whole lot better, we know we squeeze your brain juice dry almost every second of the day! 

                       I can do things you cannot, you can do things, i cannot, together we can do great things.
                                                                                - Mother Teresa -

2018; We remember every good that fuels our wellbeing and provides us with bountiful resources to step up to our everyday challenges. We remember those who have enriched our lives and most importantly, we remember to remind ourselves that there is nothing too small to own, to celebrate and to bring forward as positivity for the days and year ahead. We are ever so thankful to the many beautiful people that we cross paths with and this crazy bunch at HOME that continues to champion us in many many ways. 

As for whatever happens next, we shall happily embrace it, count our blessings and always remember to never magnify our problems. Instead, we give thanks For Every Season. 

Bring it on 2019! 

Much Love, 
Tricia & Evelyn 

Photography: NDrew Photography
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