Golden Years

Sixty is a great deal and the pleasures of age depends very much on what constitutes the threads of our lives and how they are woven together. Time will never come (I can assure you that!) when women choose to delight in weak knees, backaches, eye bags, wrinkles or a scalp filled with grey hair. But one thing I’m certain of, the time will come, which I’d like to call it the “Golden Years”, when they see these blemishes as a pretty price to pay for the joy of added wisdom, a deepen closeness with family and friends, and the gratified fullness of reaping the little joys of a work well done. 

This piece is a tribute to all beautiful ladies who are celebrating the milestone of a graceful 60 years - Always remember, age is merely the number of years the world has been enjoying your presence and beautiful existence!

When asked to style Aunty Yin’s 60th Birthday, we immediately brought our thoughts and minds to the intricacies of the Peranakan Theme. Being an amazing cook and ‘ang ku’ maker herself, it felt like this undoubtedly is best fit to celebrate her milestone.

Having always speaking about the Peranakan, what does it actually constitute? To be honest, it is a melting pot of culture that stretches across just about anything, where themes portrayed of it might reflect the daily happenings of social gatherings and every day homemakers; where topics could be serious, comical and chatty; of matters diverse, simple or philosophical. The very gist of it definitely evokes joy and laughter, or as food for thought to reflect and ponder.

The decorative motifs meticulously embroidered and painted onto the Nyonya-ware and the style in which they are rendered have been known as a symbol of longevity represents the ultimate blessing and manifestation of familial love. What better way to celebrate 60 years of such providence and abundance in favour than the Nyonya Way!

Fix your eyes on this Dessert Bar, a delectable eye-popping spread of traditional nibbles, infusing every aspect of the Nyonya Baba into this modern burst. From Peranakan motif inspired tiles to the iconic Chinese peonies, flanked by nostalgic household props such as old school tiffin carriers, vanity face powders and ointment, a vintage bicycle and a solid bamboo ladder, the rustic atmosphere built up the excitement for celebration.

Amongst the scrumptious desserts was a host of delicately crafted macaroons, Gula Melaka infused cupcakes, butter sugar cookies dressed in a Sarong Kebaya and an array of traditional sticky delights that included the Ang Ku, Pulut Tai Tai, Seri Muka, Pulut Inti and Kuih Bingka

There wasn’t a moment of greater joy as the Golden Lady herself, stepped into the household clad in rich and exquisite purple kebaya, who wore the most beautiful smile through her lips and eyes that spoke it all. Of gratitude, amazement, awe, happiness, contentment and everything else in between. To grace the occasion and to add on to the element of surprise, most of her guests obediently and endearingly arrived at the celebration donned in Peranakan inspired outfits as well.

We blew out the candles, ate lots of Nyonya food and had a lovely evening amidst the company of all her favourite people in the world. Truly t’was a night to remember.

Cheers Aunty Yin. We wish you nothing but the best as we celebrate 60 golden years of your life as a daughter, wife, mother and grandmother! May the road you continue to travel bring so much joy, love and hope to everyone that comes along your way. Stay beautiful just the way you are; both inside out.

To the Golden Lady, this one's for you.

Written by: Evelyn
Decor, Flowers and Styling: Moments
Photography: Victor Hew Photography
Cake: I Have Sweet Tooth
Desserts: JY Foodlab
Nyonya Kuih: Aroma Nyonya 

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