My Little Miracle

Dear Ryan,

When you were a bump in my tum,
I hope you remember the lullabies each night to you I hummed.
For nine months I felt your beautiful heartbeat next to mine;
and every single day, it kept me going and gave me a reason to shine.

Oh how we have waited for the longest time,
and they’re right when they say this feeling cannot be fathomed into a rhyme.
If only you could feel the bursting joy knowing you will soon be ours;
then the months of anticipation must’ve felt like a light years’ worth of gazillion hours.

And then the time came for you to bid the world hello,
There, your squinty eyes peeked open curiously as I looked down below.
As I held your tiny hands in mine and caressed the soles of your mini feet;
I cannot thank God enough for this little miracle no other Earthly treasures can beat.

Oh Ryan,

How time flies and that it surely waits for no man,
Sooner or later I blink my eyes and you’ll be ten.
Whilst I embrace the luxurious irony dreading you will soon turn a year old;
I celebrate this moment in prayer that you will grow to be brave and bold.

Thank you for teaching us a new-found joy and purpose in life,
because I promise you that through the roughest of the seas,
for you I will continue to strive.
Nothing can ever prepare one enough what it means to embrace motherhood;
but one thing I know, I want to walk and carry you through your short-lived childhood.

Your sparkly bright eyes never fail to light up my grey days,
and your infectious giggles and toothless smile soothes my blue Mondays.
What an inquisitive spirit you have, always eager to mingle;
but know that your presence alone never ceases to get our hearts tingled.

We can only dream you’ll stay forever small,
but can’t wait for you to grow to be someone handsome and tall.
So dream big little one, have faith and lots of courage;
and we will be right here to standby you and encourage.
To many more milestones and memories that you are bound to create;
I will always be your number one fan and best friend with proud tears to donate.

As we mark your 100th day gracing the congregation on Earth,
it walks us down the day we first held you at birth.
Never forget that you will, forever and always be;
Daddy and Mommy's precious little miracle of glee.

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