The Foundation

 Consciously recognizing the end of a passing year and welcoming a new one is a ritual that we’ve put to practice somewhere along the way since we turned 18 years old. Six years ago, we were both standing at a crossroad thinking about our future, our direction in life and the choices we had to make and/or sacrifice. We took the step forward, made a phone call, sat over tea and decided on Moments.

 Looking back, we could never have thanked God for more; for finding each other, for directing our paths as we go along and for giving us so many happy memories and opportunities that we shall hold on to dearly for the rest of our lives. There isn't a year that goes by since we started Moments, where we'd think we cannot believe how fast this wedding season flew by and how much we have grown. Indeed, we call it a period of a sacred act of wakefulness, of contemplation and of growth. 

 The truth is, life is not always rainbows, unicorns and roses here at our humble home. At times, it gets hard and challenging at work. And whilst it’s easy to get bogged down to the things that aren’t going as planned, taking time to reflect on the things that are true blessings keep us focused on what really matters and propels us to move forward.

The biggest blessing we’ve ever received is to have a strong foundation; the Team! They are the epitome of being our rock and the people whom we cannot live without. 100 points wouldn’t be sufficient to reward you for all that you are as an individual (You know exactly how awesome that means you are!). You have truly challenged us, surprised us and taught us things we didn’t even realize we needed to learn.

 We know the craziness that was your day, we understand the complexities that came along the way and most of all, we wanted to let you know that you never came up short! Your work of togetherness, your dedication, your passion and your words of encouragement are constant reminders of what is important amongst the so many other things. They are significant, worthy and our pillar of strength.

 It is the tears we shed together when we witness that beautiful walk down the aisle, it is the moment when we calm Bridezillas down, assuring her it’s going to be alright and yes, we certainly and truly made sure it was alright! It was the journey that we had with each other planning these celebrations and weddings of amazing people that popped by, journeyed with us and touched our lives! 

 Each and every one of “you” is what we call a seasoned pro social dynamo that has managed to keep the calm, soothe ruffled feathers and keep sanity in place! Indeed, the true foundation of our home. This Christmas, as we close yet another chapter and prepare our hearts for the next season to unfold, we'd like to dedicate and give thanks for all that we've been blessed with, and above all, our rock and foundation that has made Moments whole.

Always remember, we will always be fans of your effort!
May your days be Merry & Bright!  

Much Love, 
Evelyn & Tricia 

Photography: Shuttering Hearts (Iyao)
Written by: Evelyn
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