The Peranakan: A Nyonya Baba Styled Shoot

The Peranakan; amongst Malaysia’s most underrated and fading traditions. We’ve been blessed with an extremely amazing opportunity to collaborate with The Wedding Scoop in creating a styled shoot that poses an amazing window of opportunity to introduce its aesthetic culture - for all to indulge in the nitty gritty details and beauty of how the “Nyonya and Baba” can be infused into our modern celebrations and reflect highly on it’s rich tradition.

The chosen concept depicts a local element close to our hearts; which captures both the childhood memoirs of Malaysia and Singapore where the locals are able to relate. No other Asian country has this "Nyonya Baba" culture except us; different, an identity like no other and we stand proud of it.

We infused the old with the new. The story behind this shoot depicts a Bridal shower where the girls are clad in their modern outfits, having a blast over a really scrumptious dessert spread.

Brides that enjoy having statement parties should definitely opt for this theme and we promise that this would be one to remember for a lifetime. The colours we chose were straight up bold and vibrant; a myriad of fuschia, tangerine orange, turquoise, porcelain blue, mint green and peony pink which stands out and leave a lasting impression.

The Nyonya Babas are infamously known for their delicacies and decadent, colourful assortment of ‘kuih-muih’. We thought that it was a must-have traditional accent to dress the dessert spread on top of other beautifully-crafted fusion desserts that we hope would inspire viewers to explore the endless boundaries to creating the perfect palette-pleaser with both the old and new incorporated. To name among the few fusion bites featured is the cake-of-the-day, a light pandan sponge cake drizzled with thick goey ‘gula Melaka’, topped with ‘bunga telang’, the epitome among all their fusion delights; as well as delicate hand-painted Ispahan-flavoured macarons and petite-sized ‘bubur cha cha’ agar-agar.

The bride was clad in an exquisite, flowy cheongsam filled with floral embroidery and an intricately-designed phoenix which brought out the beauty in the Oriental look overall, and donned on a set of precious jade jewellery, a subtle touch which complimented the boldness of the cheongsam and in contrast to the usual gold dragon phoenix bangles. On the other hand, the bridesmaids were dressed in traditional Sarong Kebayas as the kaleidoscope of colours and intricate motifs in the costume undoubtedly serves as the iconic symbolism of this theme. The combination of these two, the modern cheongsam and traditional Kebayas elevates this entire theme to a whole new level, which is a look that we’d recommend any Bride to go for who is still in a dilemma of choosing one.

This styled shoot definitely channels the entire Peranakan experience and unique tradition reflected with it and is a beautiful, bold colour palette for brides whose inner yearnings for the urban tradition resonates with this theme. There’s nothing more amazing than having to look back thirty years down the road and still gush over those pretty pictures that shouts the beauty of your one-in-a-million Peranakan-inspired celebration with much laughter and an abundance of love.

Head on over to The Wedding Scoop as well to view their feature and special behind-the-scenes video on this amazing styled shoot!

Co-production and Exclusive Publisher: The Wedding Scoop
Planning and Styling: Moments
Photography: Louis Loo Photography
Gowns: Cinobi from Truly Enamoured
Shoes: Celest Thoi
Jewellery: Choo Yilin
Flowers: The Vow Florals
Hair and Makeup: Aivy Yong Bridal Styling Boutique using andmetics asia
Stationery: Bingka KL
Desserts: JY Food Lab
Venue: The Tranquerah
Models: Charmaine, Shi Wei, Melissa and Zoey
Kebayas: Model's own (Melissa)
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