The Swinging Sixties

Very much inspired by the era of hippies communal and a spritz of the pin-up, dapper styled clad men and women, this styled shoot was very much an actual birthday surprise for two special friends who wanted to reminisce their good times of the 1969 once again.

With the 60s hit records blasting throughout the night, head bob-worthy to the groove of the beats, the spread of delectable nibbles alongside vintage collectibles and props in psychedelic prints beckoned to throngs of amused and amazed guests. The iconic birthday cake was a stunner with a refreshing peach and mustard yellow ombre, surrounded by other sweet treats to celebrate the occasion. Amongst the classics on platters were the all-time favourite dark cherry and apple pies, salted pretzels, polka-dotted sugar cookies, nutty pistachio cream puffs and uniquely crafted crystalized rock candies, otherwise known as ‘Kohakutou’. Friends and family were gushing over the time travel spectacle to behold and it definitely felt like an entire realm being warped into.

The entire atmosphere gave off a retro vibe of the 1960s, injected with tonnes of fun, bright prints and contrasting patterns for a vibrant burst. Custom folded pinwheels in various textures alongside an assortment of exotic blooms and one-of-a-kind greenery definitely added much gusto, depth and dimension to the entire setup that perfectly captured the essence of the vintage decade. Bits and pieces of ‘walk-down-memory-lane’ memoirs like Presley’s cassette tapes and vinyl records to Simon & Garfunkel’s tunes were strewn alongside pots of little succulents and glass bottles of ginger ale and root beer. Not to mention quirky quotes and sayings in beautiful calligraphic swirls to create a little bit of goof to the already groovy ambience.

In the quest of envisioning the epitome of the swinging sixties, this funky chaos of deliriousness definitely calls for some clinging of Coke and a  joyful shout of Cheers!

Written by: Eunice
Venue: UoVo Damansara Kim 
Styling and Conceptualization: Moments
Photography: Louis Loo
Floral Work: Wishing Tree
Cakes and Desserts: RinzBakes
Calligraphy: Ripple Crafts & Calligraphy 
Balloons: Party World Balloon
Coasters : Bentuk Bentuk
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